Database program designed to keep you organized.

Not too long ago a co-worker came to me to tell me about an app she had started using to keep track of her husband’s collections. She knew I had been looking for something to help me with project management and organization so she introduced me to AirTable.

AirTable is a modern database solution that is created so that everyone can use it. It’s free and available for iOS, or you can use the web app. The app is meant to be a mobile organizer that helps you keep track of anything – Project management, Vacation planning, Event management, Sales lead tracking, To-Do lists and task management, CRM for personal and small businesses, Expense tracking and vendor management, Asset management, Inventory management, Product catalog, PR and Communications, Wedding planning, or Team coordination. The system is set up so that you can immediately get started keeping track of records instead of spending hours trying to create a database to suit your needs.

AirTable iOS App Review 2

First Impressions & Testing 

On the surface, AirTable looks like a sophisticated spreadsheet, but it’s really so much more than that. When I first started up, I found that a few of the most popular templates were preloaded into the app. I started testing out AirTable’s capabilities by adding my own information to those few bases. When I got to a point where I needed it to do something more, I decided to start a base from scratch and found a template that was closest to what I wanted to accomplish – in my case, project management. For the most part, the pre-made templates get the job done for me. I have reordered some columns and entered my own data, but I really love how the relationships are built between the tables inside the templates. This is just one of the features that made me fall in love with this app because it kept the management part simple.

AirTable iOS App Review 3One area that I didn’t really test out too much was the collaboration tool. AirTable is built to share between people. My uses are more for my own organization purposes so I didn’t work with that option too much. It’s a very easy feature to use, but I just didn’t have an immediate need for it. When I get to the point where I want to bring other people into the fold, it will be very easy to integrate them.

The iOS app is simply beautiful. It takes the standard table view that you have on the web app and makes it something that is much more pleasing to the eyes.

AirTable may not work for everyone’s needs, but I feel like it comes pretty close. It’s great for record keeping, simple project management, task management and let’s not forget collaboration. It’s been a very useful tool for me and I think a lot of people would find it handy.

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