Today we demonstrate how to turn an Airport Extreme into a Time Capsule. First off you will need an Airport Extreme and an external hard drive. Connect your external to the USB port on the back of your airport extreme, this will give you a network drive. From there click on your time machine preferences, select the disk option where you will see that your network drive is not showing up. This is because you will need to open up finder, click your airport extreme, and then connect to it by entering your password. Next click on the drive and it will then show up on your desktop while also being visible in the time machine preferences. Under select disk, select the drive that you have plugged into the airport. In the menu bar select back up now, it will create the first sparse bundle. After that the hard part is finished. You wont need to click on the external anymore just connect to your airport extreme, and time machine will do the rest. Enjoy setting up your new network backup device / time capsule.