Airmail 3 is a powerful, personalized, and integrated mail client

AirMail is quite a well-known mail client, and if you need something more than a native mail app AirMail is probably on the top of your mind (if it isn’t, then which app is?) We already covered the AirMail for iOS release, since originally the app came for Mac only (read a review).

Recently the app got a feature-packed update, which included:

  • Dynamic Fonts Support (that’s nice);
  • Multiple notifications options: Smart Notifications (the apps sends notifications when you get an email from contacts and doesn’t send notifications for newsletters or similar), Notifications Read Sync, Notifications Scheduler, Notifications based on Location;
  • Watch Complication;
  • Undo Send — lets you undo sent emails by defining a time period before the message will actually get delivered (Airmail for Mac already has this feature);
  • Win.dat and EML preview — multiple other types of documents can also be instantly previewed;
  • Follow Up Reminders;
  • Action Mute (avoid future notifications from that recipient) and Action Block (avoid notifications from that recipient and auto archive the message);
  • Integration with Ulysses and Day One (to date AirMail integrates with plenty of apps and services to deeply integrate into your established workflow)

Airmail 3 iOS App REVIEW

There’re also many other improvements and minor fixes. As before, AirMail provides rich personalisation settings and advanced features like a snooze, interactive push notification, full inbox and iCloud sync of your accounts and app preferences, 3D Touch supports and so on. All of the features are easy to find and try — as the UI is intuitive and really user-friendly.

Just swipe an email in the inbox to see the list of actions to implement.

DOWNLOAD – AirMail 3 – $4.99 – iOS

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