Airmail 2 is a quick, modern email client.

Airmail1For quite some time, I’ve been looking for another email client to help me sort out my massive amounts of emails. There isn’t anything wrong with Apple’s native client, Mail, but I wanted something that had a little more style and worked well with Outlook, the main client I use for work. That’s why I was so happy to learn about Airmail 2.

Airmail 2 is designed for Yosemite and includes support for iCloud, MS Exchange, Gmail, Google Apps, IMAP, POP3, Yahoo!, AOL, and The app was created with the end user in mind. It doesn’t matter what email account type is used – the user will have the same experience. It’s a quick, modern, easy-to-use interface. It’s clean an allows you to get your emails without interruptions.



I have been very happy using Airmail 2. One of the biggest things I look for is the ability to set up email accounts quickly and easily. Airmail 2 makes it possible to not only set- up multiple accounts, but to also do it by simply entering an email address and password. I have a Gmail account and decided to load it into Airmail 2 to test out its features. All I had to do is enter my email address and password and the app auto-detected the rest of the information. I was returning emails within  just a few moments.

Some of the features of Airmail 2 include:

  • Extension-Compose


    Yosemite support – iCloud account sync, iCloud attachment, Today Extension, Action Extension

  • Accounting – Unified inbox, Local accounts, Email account import from Apple Mail, MBOX archive, EML, EMLX
  • Interactions – Quick Reply, Offline operations, Transferring messages across accounts, Multi-touch gestures, Exchange Meeting Invites
  • Shortcuts – Gmail shortcuts, Quick folder selection, Quick label, move, label and archive
  • Attachement – Drag and drop, Quicklook preview, Google Drive, Dropbox, CloudApp, Droplr, FTP, VCalendar, Inline image attachments
  • Conversations – Group by id, Group by subject, Chronological reverse, Muted CC’d conversations
  • Visual – Multiple visual themes, Minimal and extend mode, plain text rendering

Airmail2Airmail 2 also has a very well-thought out search option. That is one of the things I like about Gmail is its search function. Airmail’s rivals it. I searched out a couple of different emails using it and was flawless.

I have been very impressed with Airmail and am really enjoying using it. The only issue I’ve had has to do with connecting my outlook account, but I believe that is because of operator error and not the app. In fact, Airmail has a wonderful FAQ section online. If you are having issues with any of Airmail’s set-up functions or other features, simply click on the Help menu to access it.

For more information on Airmail 2, visit It is available for download in the App Store for $9.99 (limited time sale price).