Organization is key when managing multiple email accounts.

Airmail 2.5 Mac App Review 3Wow. I’m not accustomed to using an email application. I use Gmail, and lately, I haven’t had anything important enough to make me pay close attention to my email account(s). So, hello Airmail 2.5.

New features for the application update include new interface, iCloud sync, Dropbox and Google App integration, aliasing, and a lot of little organization tools like folder colors and account icons.

The most important thing I have to say about this application is that it is extremely customizable. There are so many configurations, options, choices, and preferences settings. It’s almost overwhelming. It’s amazing how much you can fiddle with minor details in this app. In testing it out to review, I tried to do everything, and I just got flustered. I eventually figured out that no matter what I say here, I’m missing something. Basically, anything you can think to want to do with email, Airmail has a way to do it.

Airmail 2.5 Mac App Review 4I mean, you can choose to write emails in HTML. Why? I don’t know, but you can do that, if you want. More usefully, you can create a custom signature using HTML.

After I decided to just use Airmail the way I would probably be using it casually, I enjoyed the experience much more. I added four email accounts (one of which I haven’t used in three years…hello several thousand unread messages) a Gmail, Yahoo, and two Outlook accounts. The app seems to work best with Gmail. It imported all my folders and kept my color coding. It’s easy to see all accounts or jump between them, and it’s nice to have everything in one place. It doesn’t get confusing, having everything all mixed together either. Airmail’s options to use specific icons and colors for each account lets you know which account each email comes from.

Again, after I stopped messing with settings and customizations every five seconds, I liked the interface. The keyboard shortcuts, email filters, and drag and drop action were all useful. There’s a large side menu that holds your account icons and organized folders. There are also to-do, done, and memo folders you can use to keep track of projects or assignments, which I like. Writing messages was simple. The composition window was clean and straightforward. Another feature I like is the ability to just drag and drop attachments into the body of the email. They show up as nice little icons across the bottom of the screen.

Airmail 2.5 Mac App Review 5I ran into a few issues with the actual viewing email part of this app, though. On a few occasions, the email preview didn’t match up with the message that showed when I clicked it. For wider messages, the horizontal scroll bar is at the bottom of the email, not the bottom of the viewing window, which I found weird. But everything has a few bugs.

I could go on, but really, the gist of this whole thing is that Airmail 2.5 is a nice application, and as long as you let it, it will probably make your life easier. I’m going to continue using it, at least.

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