Airframe+ is a sturdy, stylish car mount for smartphones.

Airframe_1For quite some time, I’ve wanted a strong car holder for my iPhone. I use it a lot to listen to music and conduct business on my daily commute. So, having a secure place to hold my phone where it’s viewable, makes it much, much safer for me. I have in the past found myself digging in my purse for my phone and while I know that it’s not the safest idea, I still do it. Until recently, I just haven’t been happy with a lot of phone holder on the market. That was until I found out about Airframe+ by Kenu.

Airframe+ is a car mount for ‘phablets’ – a category of smartphones that include the oversized models like the Lumia 1520. The nice thing about the Airframe+ is that it is flexible and includes a flexible, spring-loaded grip that expands to hold the larger frame phones, but collapses in to securely hold the smaller phones like the iPhone 5 and 5S. Airframe+ slides into your car’s air vents, which keeps it at a safe eye-level view for GPS use, streaming musi and hands-free calls.

Airframe_2Airframe+ is designed to work with any vent type. I personally have a 2008 Toyota RAV4, which has two vent types – circular and standard rectangular vents with horizontal openings. Unlike some of its lesser quality competitors, Airframe+ has a soft, over-molded grip that not only keeps your car from scratches, but it also holds the mount firmly in place. I’ve not have any problems with it slipping out of place or holding tightly to the vent. This has always been a concerned of mine with other vent-style car mounts.

Airframe_4Another brilliant use for this simply wonderful car mount is as a travel stand. You simply insert any credit-card sized card into the grip and the Airframe+ works as a hands-free stand. I am presently using the Airframe+ as a stand so that I can navigate through music while I type. It works beautifully.

Airframe+ is extremely sturdy. Again, in comparison to a lot of other vent-style car mounts, Airframe+ is far superior. I’ve encountered a lot of those types of mounts that are embarrassingly fragile. They bend easily and won’t hold a smart phone that only weighs 4 ounces. Airframe+ is built from ABS, TPE, stainless steel and zinc alloy. It’s definitely not ‘cheap feeling’ at all. It’s strong and supports ‘phablets’ that weigh nearly up to 8 ounces. In addition to the smartphone weight, Airframe+ was also built to support the weight of cases like the Otterbox Defender series and Mophie battery cases.

Airframe_3If you are a traveler, I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing one of these amazing mounts. Not only is it a universal car mount, but it’s also wonderful stand for times when you are need of a small hands-free stand for your phone. In my opinion, it’s completely worth the purchased price (MSRP $29.95) to own this fantastic little device. The other thing that’s great about it versus other car mounts is its small footprint. It collapses down to a very easy-to-carry 2-inch device.

Airframe+ is a very impressive gadget. For more information, visit






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