The Ultimate Stylish Portable Phone Mount

AIRFRAME+ Leather Edition Review 2I’ve been and extreme fan of KENU, the maker of the Airframe+ for some time now. I had been searching for a sturdy mount to use in my car and had been hesitant to use the ‘vent mount’ style for my iPhone. What made me love this portable phone mount so much is how elegant and durable it is. The Airframe+ slides into any car air vent and allows you to quickly and easily mount your phone without obstructing your view while you drive. I currently own three KENU Airframe+ two of the standard editions and now one of the Leather Edition. So, design-wise what’s different in the Leather Edition?

Functionality, the Airframe+ Leather Edition is the same as the regular Airframe+. Design elements are different because they wrapped the Airframe+ in Genuine Leather and coated all exposed metal components in a gold finish. Airframe+ designed to fit all phones with a 6-inch screen or less with its expandable clamp. This means that Airframe+ Leather Edition will fit all modern mobile phones – even the ‘phablet’ sized ones.

One of the things I like so much about the Airframe+ is that it travels so easily. Weighing only 1 oz it’s very easy to slip it into your purse, pocket, or laptop bag and not even notice it’s there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone somewhere in a car and wished I had a mobile device mount. With Airframe+, you can always have it with you.

AIRFRAME+ Leather Edition Review 3Another great use for this device is as a GPS mount. Because many GPSs are the same width, or less that larger phones, the Airframe+ becomes the perfect compliment for those devices, too. Airframe+ Leather Edition can also be used as a convenient stand by placing a credit card (or other ID) into the vent slots. Again, this makes the Airframe+ Leather Edition ideal for traveling – it combines two devices into one.

So, how does it actually work in the car? Very well, actually. As I mentioned before, I’ve had experience with mount. And I must say that shaking is down to a minimum when the car is in motion and it’s very easy to place the phone into the mount with one hand, or take it out with one hand.

AIRFRAME+ Leather Edition Review 4The Airframe+ Leather Edition is a superior phone mount with premium design features. The leather exterior and gold finishes really dress up the mount. Airframe+ Leather Edition is a great mount and it makes it possible to keep a watchful eye on your phone and the road.

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