Airbender 3 iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case Review:

A well-made, protective, inexpensive case for the iPad Air 2.

Airbender 3 iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case Review 3

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I’ve become somewhat of a connoisseur of keyboards for iPads over the years. Ever since I had my first iPad, I wanted a keyboard to go along with it. I’ve had several keyboard cases and liked them all for different reasons. I recently had the chance to test out the Airbender 3 case from New Trent and must say, I’ve been equally impressed with it as some of the other cases in the market.

The Airbender 3 case is designed for use with the iPad Air or the iPad Air 2. It’s constructed from polycarbonate and has a hard clamshell case design. The keyboard is set at a low profile and has a similar feel to a standard laptop. The case has a three-piece design – protective back, extendable arm and the keyboard base. This is a unique design from what I’ve seen in other cases. Typically, I’ve seen a simple ‘book’ fold or folio case – not one with an extendable arm. This arm allows the user to view the iPad in various angles and not just open or closed.

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The keyboard charges via Micro USB and has a built-in Lithium Ion battery (non removable). The protective backing has a rotating head on it that allows the user to view the iPad in both landscape and portrait modes. This is very unique to the keyboard case world. In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a keyboard case that lets the user do this.

Upon taking the case out of the its box, I have to admit that I thought it was a bit clunky looking. With it being a hard plastic clamshell design, its well-protected, but it’s not as slick design-wise as some other cases I’ve seen. When it closes up, the case latches shut with a small rubber notch. This notch tends to get in the way a bit when typing. I also found that if you are trying to use the keyboard case on your lap, it’s a little off-balanced. The adjustable arm is made from a heavy metal and unless your hands are resting on it, or unless you have it on a flat surface, the keyboard/iPad tilt upward.

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The responsiveness of the keyboard is one of the first things I take note of when I start using a Bluetooth keyboard. The Airbender 3’s keyboard is very responsive. I’ve not had any problems with it connecting or disconnecting at random and reconnects very easily. After the keyboard sits idle for a couple of minutes, it will disconnect and the iPad’s keyboard will appear, but if you tap one of the keys on the Bluetooth keyboard, it will reconnect in just a few seconds.

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The other thing I wanted to mention was how easy it is to pair the keyboard to an iPad. You open up Bluetooth preferences under the Settings app on the iPad. Then you put the keyboard into pairing mode. The keyboard shares a code with the iPad that you then type on the keyboard before it pairs. The process takes only a couple of seconds.

There are a lot of keyboard cases available for the iPad Air 2, but many of them are so much more expensive than this one and don’t offer nearly the same level of protection or quality of the build. If you are looking for a good, protective, keyboard case for the iPad Air 2, give the Airbender 3 a chance. The Airbender 3.0 retails for around $40.

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