Give your AirPods a facelift with vinyl cutouts

Everyone wants a way to be unique — to stand out from the crowd. When you have a product like Apple’s AirPods, you want to show them off, but the last thing you want is to lose them among a bunch of other plain, white shells. There are options out there — like Colorware — for customizing your AirPods, but being that the AirPods are incredibly hard to find, I knew I didn’t want to void my warranty with Apple by sending them off for three or more weeks to get them painted. I don’t have anything against companies who do this type of work — I think they come out looking beautiful, but I like the idea of my AirPods design fate being in my hands.

AIR VINYL DESIGN Vinyl Graphics for AirPods

Air Vinyl Design is a company who creates vinyl cutouts specifically for AirPod cases. Just like other Vinyl stickers for laptops, they are easily applied and easily removed. Their products can be installed by simply peeling the paper back and sticking the vinyl sticker to the charging case.

The company recommends that you first clean your charging case with alcohol or water and dry it completely. This is to ensure that they stay secure when putting them on your AirPods case. What’s nice about vinyl decals like this is there is no worry about damage or voiding out warranties. The pack I used on my AirPods was the Music Mixer collection. Most will pick just one out of this and add it to the AirPods. I chose to use it like a wrap and go all the way around the case of my AirPods. I think it gives it a pretty neat look but just using one would have given the less is more effect on my case.

AIR VINYL DESIGN Vinyl Graphics for AirPods

During the installation, I did have to go slowly to ensure that all the tiny details were adhering to the case. I feel as though the sticker is secure on the case, but it did take some patience to ensure that it was applied straight and wasn’t going to fall off. As of right now, the Air Vinyl sticker is still stuck to my AirPod case and I haven’t attempted to remove it. Air Vinyl does include a small warning on their website about removing the sticker:

Air Vinyl is easy to remove, but can only be applied once. When removing, there may be adhesive left on the surface of your case, but it can be easily removed using a cloth and warm water or rubbing alcohol.

AIR VINYL DESIGN Vinyl Graphics for AirPods

I think it’s great that Air Vinyl added this information as some people might find that annoying when they try to remove it. One thing I did notice about this particular vinyl sticker — it’s raised a bit. I’ve had experience with vinyl stickers before on my laptop and they were basically a part of the laptop. You couldn’t feel it if you ran your finger across it. With the Air Vinyl sticker, it’s almost like the AirPod case is embossed with it. There are well-defined bumps and even though it is very secure, I could see that being a little bit of a problem if you are constantly slipping the case in and out of your pocket.

AIR VINYL DESIGN Vinyl Graphics for AirPods

All in all, I really like the Air Vinyl option for customizing your AirPods. It doesn’t have to be permanent, but it’s not going to just fall off your case either.

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