Air Mouse makes life just a little bit easier when controlling entertainment devices.

I have been using Android TV boxes for only a short time. I have found that the remote controls included with the box typically limit your capabilities. After several frustrating minutes with the provided remote, I realize that my wireless keyboard and mouse work on it. Soon after that discover, I decided to go out and get a keyboard with a mousepad directly on it for ease of use. This got to be quite bothersome very quickly. The problem for me was that with a separate keyboard and mouse there were two separate controllers and with the keyboard and trackpad it took up too much space. It seems like a trivial thing to be upset about, but I have a small coffee table and that’s prime living room real estate being used up. I needed something smaller and better, while still giving me complete control.

Air Mouse Bluetooth Remote REVIEW

The 2.4 Air Mouse changed my perception fairly quickly. At first glance, it looks like your standard run-of-the-mill remote control, but that’s just first glance. It looks fairly similar to the remote control included with my Android TV box and has a similar button layout, so I was a bit skeptical at first. I was presented with a nice little surprise on the backside, which is usually just plain black plastic. There is a keyboard there on the Air Mouse. One of the biggest issues with using an Android TV box is sometimes you have to search for apps or your shows and if you don’t have a keyboard to type it out, you are forced to use a mouse with the on-screen keyboard. But, nobody has that kind of extra time laying around. So now instead of a keyboard sitting on the coffee table it’s all included in one remote, this makes my OCD smile.

Air Mouse Bluetooth Remote REVIEW

As the name states, the Air Mouse isn’t just a standard remote control; it’s also a mouse. It isn’t a mouse in the traditional sense; it’s more like a Nintendo Wii remote. It didn’t seem like it was going to be as great as it actually turned out to be at first, but after adjusting the scrolling speed, I don’t think I can go back to standard mouse with the TV box. A few hours into using the Air Mouse my girlfriend told me how silly I looked waving around a remote control looking like a “wizard”, but the next day I caught her using it and demanding that we have another one for the bedroom.

Air Mouse Bluetooth Remote REVIEW

The Air Mouse works on more than just an Android TV box as well. I thought it might be useful to use with a PowerPoint presentation, too. You can actually use the Air Mouse whereever you can plug in a USB dongle. While it does seem silly to people at first, after using it for short time most want one of their own, but this one’s mine and it’s made my life just a little bit better and easier.

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