Make entertainment less complicated with the AICO Smart Egg.

For the love of electronics, we have entirely way too many remotes now. Whether you have a smart tv, set top box, gaming system, Blu-ray player, Bluetooth speakers, smart lights, or any other imaginable electronic that is remotely controlled, there is a remote or app for it. Yes, we do have some pretty cool universal remotes out there, but it is yet another remote to lose or if you are lucky enough to find them then the batteries are dead. This is a pretty common occurrence at my house.  Kids, animals, and or significant others tend to be the culprit when you want to catch up on some shows or read a book with the right lighting. They just disappear into the magical land where our socks go too. I needed a powerful, easy to use remote that I wouldn’t lose or would be easy to locate if I did misplace it. My phone. While there are remote control apps or specific devices and a few remote control apps that claim to be universal but aren’t  quite that, I needed something that did it all while giving me a simple and easy user interface without a piece of hardware that needed to be plugged into my phone. Thank goodness the AICO Smart Egg came into my life.


Let me just say that from the get-go, the egg design is definitely a conversation starter. The name Smart Egg says it all. It the size of a larger white egg with a light indicator strip in the middle. It does look a little out of place with all black electronics but in a good way. After the installation of two AA batteries and a simple click of the base the Smart Egg lit up and after downloading the free App from the AppStore I was ready to start controlling my life.  I was surprised at what this little device could do with so many different devices. Some I have never heard of, but now I want them too.


Setting up the remote for every device is simple. There are three ways to set up any device. The first way you just enter the brand and model number and presto, you have a remote set up. The second way, you place the egg in front of your device after picking the brand from the list in the App. The Smart Egg sends IR signals to the device until it figures it out. The third way is to simply point your existing remote at the top of the Smart Egg until it receives the signal for each button you want to be programmed.


After all of the ways to program you are prompted to test the settings before saving. After only about twenty minutes I had every single device that had a remote programmed to my phone (except Playstation 4, heartbreaking). I hid all of my remotes and tormented my girlfriend for about an hour until she demanded to have hers set up the same way. Now we just keep all of the remotes in the junk drawer and only have to worry about  AA batteries for the Smart Egg, not everything. Life just got a little less complicated.

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