Agent, Run! combines 007 with an exciting 2D endless runner game for iOS.

Agent, Run!Ever want to mix-up James Bond with an endless runner-style game? Now you can with Agent, Run! Agent, Run! is a 007 inspired game that allows players to enjoy playing the role of Agent Robert Robertson as he tries to defeat the villanous Professor E. Vil and his horrific Doomsday Machine. The game includes entertaining spy-like obstacles like shark tanks, irradiated rooms, mustache-equipped bad guys, menacing guard dogs, falling logs and much more.

Agent, Run! is a face-paced 2D endless runner with gesture-based controls and a superior, unique look. The game is free to download and comes with level 1 unlocked. The remaining 3 levels can be unlocked with an in-app purchase of $2.99.

“We decided to create Agent, Run! as an homage to the best Bond films of all time—and we knew that an endless runner would be a perfect match,” says Matthias Maschek. “The world of the game also pokes fun at those films. We’ve got bad guys with 1970s-era moustaches and a hedge trimmer as a gadget!” concludes Wolfgang Knecht.

Some of the key features of Agent, Run! include:

  • Charming graphics reminiscent of classic James Bond films
  • More than 60 missions and 9 different achievements
  • 4 levels with randomly-generated challenges:
    • Jungle
    • Villa
    • Basement
    • Bunker
  • Agent, Run!Endless/non-endless modes
  • 24 interactive objects
  • 8 gadgets:
    • Hedge trimmer
    • Rope
    • Helmet
    • Freeze ray
    • Zipline
    • Jetpack
    • Hazmat Suit
    • Bazooka
  • No ads!
  • Online leaderboards (Google Play Game Services, Game Center)
  • Agent ranks and cloud saves (Android-only)
  • Supports English, German, and Spanish

After playing Agent, Run! for a few minutes, I must say that the game play is very enjoyable. I was surprised at the graphic treatment because it felt more like an old-fashioned 80s style arcade runner, which was a very pleasant surprise. I liked Agent, Run! because it gave me the chance to be more interactive with the game than I usually am with endless runners. For one thing, I didn’t have to direct the character. I simply had to chop down dog bones to distract the guard dogs and swipe down crates to collect coins. It’s much different from other endless runners I’ve played.

If you like endless runners, I’d give Agent, Run! a try. It’s a refreshing change of pace and very fun to play. Agent, Run! is available for iOS devices with iOS 5.0 or later and is optimized for iPhone 5. For more information, visit

Agent, Run!

Agent, Run!