AfterShokz Delivers Premium Open Ear Audio Experience in Bluez 2S

AfterShokz Bluez 2S Headphones Review 5I have been very fortunate to be able to test out many types of headphones here at MacSources. I have some awesome over-the-ear style headphones and a fantastic set of gaming headphones, but have never really liked in-ear headphones or earbuds. Many people have comfort issues with them, as do I, but the other headphones I have really aren’t great for ‘activities’. As an added hurdle, I am a bit hard of hearing so it really takes a great set of headphones to impress me. The Bluez 2S are those headphones.

The Bluez 2S is an OpenFit style Bluetooth headphone that is designed to wear as if they are barely there. They deliver superior, premium sound through advanced technologies like PremiumPitch+ and LeakSlayer while being extremely light weight (41 grams) and sweat/water resistant. The battery provides up to six hours of music and calls and offers a dual noise canceling microphone and Bluetooth 3.0 technology. Out of the box, the Bluez 2S are ready to go and I was connected within a few second of pairing.

AfterShokz Bluez 2S Headphones Review 4Over the last week I’ve had the opportunity to test out the Bluez 2S headphones and I’ve been impressed at every turn. First off it’s hard to believe these headphones don’t actually go inside or over your ears. They use bone conduction to transmit sound through the cheek bones to the inner ear. This allows for maximum safety for your hearing and ambient awareness.

I’ve been writing for MacSources for three years now and for many years before that, I wrote reviews for other websites. Never in my time doing reviews have I had such a great experience with this style of headphones. Let me clarify by saying I’ve used bone conduction headphones before, but they were nothing like these.

My past experiences have been with bone conduction headphones that produced a hollow or nasally sound. The Bluez 2S give off a sound as if they are over my ears. Out of shear force of habit when someone starts talking to me I have been pulling them off my head because they seem to be tricking me into thinking I have over the ear headphones on. That’s how good the sound is.

AfterShokz Bluez 2S Headphones Review 3The problem with stuffing earbuds in your canals is that it limits you from your surroundings and for me, I hear myself breathing, it’s weird. Because of this I’ve always stuck with over the ear headphones for comfort, but that still stops me from being able to interact with my surroundings. The Bluez 2S gives me the best of both worlds by giving me the sound I desire without limiting me from hearing the horn of a car I’m about to walk in front of.

These amazing headphones have been on pre-order for the past two weeks and are now available for purchase for $99.95. There are a lot of other headphones in the market and that price range that don’t produce nearly the same quality of sound and are not nearly as comfortable as the Bluez 2S headphones. They are unique in design and rich in sound.

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