Adoreshare Video Converter Genius Mac App Review:

Adoreshare Video Converter Genius is the all-in-one video converter tool to convert all videos and audio.

Adoreshare Video Converter Genius Mac App Review 3My relationship with this product got off to a bumpy start. After downloading the software, I had some issues registering it so I could get out of the free trial mode and convert more than one minute of each video. I kept running into an “invalid registration code” message. Thankfully, there’s an entire section about registration code issues on the website, and I managed to get through the process after about thirteen tries using the exact same information I had put in the twelve previous times. I have no idea why it did or didn’t work each time, but things ended up being okay and I did not have to contact the Support Team, which was the goal.

Adoreshare Video Converter Genius Mac App Review 4This video conversion software can convert all standard video formats (such as MP4, FLV, AVI, MOV, MKV, MPG, etc.) to dozens of other formats for optimal editing and viewing across multiple platforms and devices. The converter also supports HD videos. The easy versatility of this product seems to be its largest draw. To simply convert a file from one format to another is a matter of selecting the file, choosing the desired output format, and pressing a button. If you want to do more, there are also a few editing options and some output settings you can fiddle around with to change audio and video bit rate, codec, etc. The interface is straightforward, so it is pretty impossible to accidentally do something to your video that you didn’t mean to do.

Adoreshare Video Converter Genius Mac App Review 5Now, the product website boasts a “30X faster conversion speed than other Mac video converter applications,” which may be true; I do not have a wealth of experience with these. On my Macbook Pro, converting a 7.35 GB MKV file to MP4 took just over 7 hours. A 734 MB AVI file took about half an hour to also convert to MP4. Neither conversion altered the quality from the original video. While converting files, this program doesn’t do anything else, so you can’t work on editing anything or minimize the window while it does its thing.

Adoreshare Video Converter Genius Mac App Review 6Adoreshare’s Video Converter Genius has basic editing tools that allow you to trim videos, crop to change aspect, size, or rotation of the video, add text and image watermarks, or add subtitles before converting your file. When cropping, you can make use of two side-by-side windows to compare original and output videos, which is nice, though the window is a bit small and dark. You can also extract audio from videos and merge videos.

Overall, this product is easy to navigate and use and does exactly what it says it will do. Any problems or questions I ran into along the way can be resolved with a little digging into the FAQ and help guides.

Adoreshare Video Converter Genius retails for $30 and can be downloaded here. There is also a trial version available for download.

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