I recently discovered an app for Mac OS, iPhone and iPad called Adobe Revel. It’s an app that helps to organize and edit your photographs. Adobe Revel stores and syncs your photo library in the cloud so that it is available across all your devices. The biggest downside is the monthly subscription fee Adobe charges. The apps are free to download and try for 30 days, but a $5.99 monthly or $59.99 yearly fee is required to utilize the photo app.

I will say this – it’s a nice, clean, well-designed app. I really like the way it works and the ease of using it. It’s simplified for the common user and still has fairly elaborate effects for photographs. I took one of my personal photographs cropped it and applied on of Revel’s many effects as an example.

The more I’ve used it while researching this review, the more the app has lagged. There is a setting to keep all originals on your home computer, but otherwise it’s all stored in the cloud, which is probably the reason for the lag.


I like the app, but don’t see why someone would choose this app over iPhoto or Aperture. It just doesn’t offer anything extra special for the cost of subscription.

Comparing it directly to iPhoto, the photography standard for Mac OS, I can recommend this app on the basis of the user interface and options for photo editing, but it’s not a free service. iPhoto offers the same options for editing and sharing as Adobe Revel, but without charging a monthly service.

If you are looking for a solid photo app with cloud storage, try Adobe Revel, but be aware that it will cost you.