Cases look good but aren’t very functional.

I’m a bit of a case fiend. I have been obsessed with them since they first became available for the iPhone –  and I mean, the first generation iPhone. I think it’s important to have a good case on your phone to help protect the very important investment you make when you get an iPhone. Every year when new iPhones are released, I have the opportunity to check out many different styles of cases. Adidas has a couple of interesting options with the Trefoil Snap Case and the Grip Case. Both are designed to work with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, but each one has some distinct features. 


The Trefoil Snap Case in Black is designed to highlight the classic street style of Adidas. The case features a hard backplate and a bumper made of flexible TPU to help protect your phone against daily wear and tear. The inside of the case has a texturized feel to it and the exterior has a glossy finish. Installing the phone into the case isn’t difficult although I did feel that I had to press the phone into the case a little harder than I do with other designs. 

Because the case has a glossy finish, there are two big problems with it. First, the case is slippery. It slides around in a person’s hand and makes it a bit hard to be able to have a decent grip on it. Second, the glossy finish makes the case a fingerprint magnet, which is a nightmare to try to keep clean. In addition to those issues, I also found that the buttons (sleep/wake and volume) are incredibly hard to press. It wasn’t as simple as tapping the area to engage the function of the phone. No, I had to really press hard to put the display to sleep and even then, sometimes it didn’t register. While I like the sporty look of the case with the Adidas logo prominently displayed, I really wasn’t a fan of this case overall. 


 The Grip Case is lightweight and comes with an anti-slip band installed on the back of the case. This band can double as a horizontal or vertical stand for the phone. The case body is a tough, polycarbonate shell and TPU bumpers for protection. There are many different color schemes available for this case. I had the black camouflage version. This case has been drop-tested to withstand 5 feet (1.5 meters) and is compatible with 4G/5G wireless technology. The case was pre-treated to eliminate germs and bacteria it comes in contact with. 

Installation is of the phone is pretty easy although I had similar issues with this case as I did the Snap Case and had to press quite hard to get the phone settled within the walls of the case. I also found the buttons were equally hard to press in this case. The Grip Case, however, also has the anti-slip band to contend with. This band is supposed to snap into the back of the case when it’s not in use. I found this to be a somewhat difficult task to accomplish. Anytime the band was snapped into the case, it would just pop back out. The band acting as a stand does work, but again, it requires pressing the band into the back of the case, I would have loved to see the band pop out to fold into the stand as a rigid stand rather than the flexible one that it is. I was concerned that the case wouldn’t be compatible with wireless charging but was delighted to find out that even with the band on the back, it worked really well with wireless chargers I had at my disposal. 


Even though Adidas has some interesting case options for users, I feel as though they need some improvements in order to be functional cases for regular iPhone users. The fact that the buttons aren’t very responsive at all is a big negative in my opinion.

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