Premium cases for the new iPhone

I typically don’t keep my phone in a case. I started this trend with the iPhone 5s. I felt that if Apple designed it a certain way that it was durable enough to carry around naked and exposed to the elements. I know that there are always exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, I’ve been fortunate that my phone has survived many years of operation without consistently donning a case. That said, when I choose a case for my phone, it has to be something really special. I usually shy away from the ‘plain old cases’ and go for something that serves more a purpose like a battery case. When I met the 3-Stripes Ultrasuede Snap Case from Adidas, my eyes were opened to what a simple case could do for my phone. I slapped that case on my phone and have really enjoyed using it. I actually had the opportunity to try out three of Adidas’s cases for with my iPhone 11 Pro Max the 3-Stripe Ultrasuede Snap Case, the 3-Stripe Leather Snap Case, and the Protective Trefoil Clear Case. 

Adidas iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases REVIEW

3-Stripe Ultrasuede Snap Case

The Adidas 3-Stripe Ultrasuede Snap Case is a molded case with suede covering on the outside. There are 3 stripes stitched on the back that recreate the look and feel of the original Adidas products. In addition to the iconic 3-stripe design, there is also a debossed Adidas Originals logo on the front. There is easy access to the buttons and Lightning port. The case is only available in the Collegiate Royal color, but can be purchased for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. The case is drop tested up to 5 feet and features wireless charging compatibility.

Adidas iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases REVIEW

Even though I tend to avoid putting my phone in a case, I was really intrigued by this case. The design is simple but also unique in that it mimics classic Adidas shoes. I really thought it was classy how the suede covering blends in with the hard silicone shell of the case. The Adidas logo is finished in gold, which is really set off by the gold on the phone. One thing that I noticed that I would like to see improved is the lack of screen protection. The lip of the case is nearly flush with the surface of the phone’s screen. This means that there isn’t any protection for the phone if it falls on its screen. Aside from that, I love the feel of the suede and how well my hand grips the case. It looks amazing sets off the design of the iPhone really well. 

Adidas iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases REVIEW


The 3-Stripe Leather Snap Case is a cousin to the 3-Stripe Ultrasuede Snap Case. It has the same design as the Ultrasuede version, but the backing of the case is leather instead of the soft suede. Because it’s the same design, the Leather Snap Case has the same features. It is also drop-tested and can be purchased for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. This case is only available in black. 


One of the things I noticed right away with the leather version of the snap case is that the packaging is incorrect. The box that the case comes in indicates that there is a front pocket for storing cards included in the case. That is not an accurate depiction of the product. I don’t know why this error occurred, but it clearly shows a pocket that is not part of the product. Aside from that bobble, I really like the natural leather feeling of this case. Because there are leather versions of the classic Adidas athletic shoes, I feel like this is a nice homage to that design. The leather also feels very nice resting in my hand, but it doesn’t have quite as much traction as the suede. 

Adidas iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases REVIEW


This case is designed to protect the iPhone from impact and wear and tear from regular use. It’s made with ultra-light TPU. It’s impact-resistant also features drop test efficiency up to 5 feet. The case is ‘clear’ with three different color variations – gray, gold, and clear. You can see the finish of the iPhone through each version of the case and I would suggest selecting a color that’s complementary to the finish of the phone. For example, I have the gold iPhone so the gold case color would go nicely with it. 

This case features the Adidas trefoil logo on the back. Other than that, it doesn’t have any remarkable design features. It’s easy to install and remove the phone from it. This case does have more of a raised border around the screen to protect it in the event of a fall. Because this case is made with TPU, it’s a little slicker in your hands. I didn’t have any major issues holding it, but I did notice that it slipped a few times. 


Adidas has some really nice case options to complement the new iPhone 11 models. My personal favorite is the Ultrasuede Snap Case, but any of these three cases can do wonders for protecting and preserving your precious phone. They are a little bit pricier than other snap-style cases, but you do get premium finishes with these cases. 

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