ActionProof Apple Watch Bumpers Review:

Give your Apple Watch superpowers.

ActionProof Apple Watch Bumpers Review 3There are going to be times when you know wearing that $400 to $900 or more Apple Watch is going to be a bad idea. Times like running away from little kids as they try to hit you with balls during a birthday party; trimming a tree; rock climbing; skateboarding; yard work and so on. Even though the Apple Watch was built to withstand basic daily life it is still vulnerable to damage, general wear and tear, and extreme activities.. The Bumper from ActionProof is made for these times.

The Bumper is made specifically for the Apple Watch with the purpose of protecting our latest communication device. According to its website, ActionProof took on the task of designing an accessory to work with the Apple Watch and its new technology.

“Our priority became to protect it without altering the product or the brand’s aesthetic.”

ActionProof Apple Watch Bumpers Review 4And, they did just that. The Bumper is made from silicone and is the first line of defense against bumps and bruises for the Apple Watch. It’s designed as a shock-absorbing bumper case – not a cover. All of the features of the Apple Watch are completely useable and nothing is obstructed. It covers all the main areas of the watch while making sure that the Digital Crown, face, sensors, speaker and microphone, and side button are all still useable. The Bumper was funded through an Indiegogo campaign earlier this year and met their goal quickly, which shows a definite public interest in the product.

ActionProof Apple Watch Bumpers Review 5When I pulled the Bumper out of its packaging, I was immediately taken with how ‘heavy duty’ it seemed. I’ve seen other Apple Watch cases that are flimsy and just barely cover the watch. ActionProof’s Bumper is more substantial. The other thing I noticed right away was the colors. The Bumper comes in three colors – orange, black, and white. I think they all look fantastic, but prefer the black one most of all. It’s very easy to put on and take off of your watch and even the band locks are accessible. It’s a really nicely designed product and it melds well with the Apple Watch.

ActionProof Apple Watch Bumpers Review 6During my testing period with this product, I wore the Bumper in some everyday situations as well as overly active ones. I found that for regular activities – going to work, visiting friends, or going out to eat – outfitting your watch with the Bumper may not make the most sense. I tend to not use cases on anything and even though the watch is entirely exposed to the elements 95% of the time, I just don’t feel a case is needed for most cases.

ActionProof Apple Watch Bumpers Review 7That being said, I do find there are times that I want to remove my watch before taking part in certain activities. As I noted above, sometimes there is just too much activity and damage to the watch is a much more realistic possibility. But, one of the primary functions of the Apple Watch is the activity tracking for your personal health growth. How are you supposed to track all of your activities accurately if you take your watch off during some of them? This is where the Bumper comes in handy. You can simply slip it on and off for ‘those’ times. You can keep track of the health benefits of every activity on your Apple Watch by keeping it on during action-packed activities. That’s why using the ActionProof Bumper for the Apple Watch is a great idea.

The ActionProof Bumper case for the Apple Watch may not make sense for all situations, but it’s a really nice product that can help provide added protection for the times that you truly need it.

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