Affordable, hand-held tablet good for many uses.

When buying a tablet, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, “What do I need a tablet for?” Now, that may sound rhetorical, or condescending, but that is most definitely not how it is intended. What I mean by that is, do you need it for your work? Do you need it for your kids? Do you need it to take photos? Are selfies important to you? Do you need to be able to add and remove storage? Is sound quality important?

If photos and sound are an important part of tablet functionality to you, this is not your tablet. The camera tops out at 0.3 MP front and back cameras. When most phones carry a 13MP weight or maybe higher, this is not the tablet to use to increase your photography skills. The audio quality isn’t awesome either, but for me, it does what it needs to, which is to emit sound.

Aceson A7 7-inch Quad Core Tablet REVIEW

If photo quality and sound quality are not important to you, then this tablet is perfect. It’s lightweight, fits in your hand, and the plug-ins and buttons are clearly marked both on the back of the tablet and next to the functions themselves. There is a slot for a Micro SD card (or TransFlash “TF” if you’re old-school – and this tablet is old-school).  Don’t get “old-school” confused with “old”. My meaning is that it has the photo quality and the term usage of a product of the early 2000’s, but on an Android operating system in small tablet form. And, if for some reason you need to reset the tablet, you have that option available, if you can find something small enough to stick into the “reset hole”.

Aceson A7 7-inch Quad Core Tablet REVIEW

When I first got the tablet, I thought that I could finally get my kids off of my phone, and get them on something that they can watch Netflix on, and for that purpose, this is a great tablet! The screen quality is great and not over-burdening, so my kids can take turns and watch movies without burning out their eyeballs. It comes with a standard video player, so we could download movies, and bypass Netflix to save on our data usage plan on long trips. I can also connect the tablet to my Bluetooth speakers, and have a louder audio experience if desired.

Aceson A7 7-inch Quad Core Tablet REVIEWAceson A7 7-inch Quad Core Tablet REVIEW

It has a quad-core chipset, so with doing my research, which means that the speed and functionality of the tablet are faster. And, if you’re a mini-geek mom like me, who is interested in gadgets, but still at her kid’s track meets; this means that you can switch from Pinterest to Netflix with ease and without waiting forever.

If you need a tablet that is small enough to be hand-held or put into a holder attached to your headrest for the kids to watch movies in the back of the Suburban while you’re driving cross-country, then this is your tablet. And for the tablet costing $44.90 and having a 30 return policy and a 1-year warranty, I don’t see how anyone could go wrong with this tablet, as long as they’re not expecting an iPad.