In one word…Magical.

Never did I ever think in a million years would I use the word ‘magical’ in conjunction with going to the bathroom even though I just did. So, “why is it magical?” you might ask. Let’s go on a little journey for a moment. When I was a little kid, I would play in the dirt, mud, and grass and never think about washing my hands before eating a sandwich. As I became a teenager, I spent all my time in the concrete jungle skateboarding, sweating, and again, getting dirty from falling when I didn’t land a trick. Not until I got older did I start thinking, “Wow, this is gross. I need to be clean.” I didn’t mean any type of clean — I mean super clean. Somewhere in my life, something broke, and I can’t imagine going a day without a shower or even not washing my hands 30 times per day.

That last part might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I do wash my hands an insane amount of times throughout the day. Given the story above, I have never thought about how a bidet could help keep a different area clean — at least, not until I had the opportunity to review the A7 AURA anyway.

A7 Aura Bidet Toilet Seat REVIEW

When I first looked at the A7 online I thought, “I don’t know about this,” and closed that web page. Not even five seconds later I was reopening that same web page with new clarity. “This is like washing my hands, except it’s not my hands, and hidden behind my pants. I could have the ultimate clean derrière.” That’s when I started to get excited, not only can I be clean, but I can do it without using toilet paper, so I’m helping the environment, too.

Now, let me explain a little about what a bidet is. A bidet, in the traditional sense, is a plumbing fixture or type of sink that is intended for washing the genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus of the human body. It’s typically installed in the bathroom and has been a common fixture in European bathrooms since the mid-70s. I’ve seen them before, but only in very ritzy hotels. In those cases, they look sort of like a second toilet except they don’t have a toilet seat with them. Electronic toilet seat bidets have gained popularity in the past couple of years because all it takes for someone to add it in is a power outlet and access to the toilet’s water line. If you were to try and install a stand alone bidet in an existing bathroom, it would require a complete remodel of your space and some significant plumbing changes. So, the toilet seat bidet is ideal for situations like this and that is exactly what the A7 AURA is.

A7 Aura Bidet Toilet Seat REVIEW

The A7 AURA was designed to meet the needs of those who were wanting a bidet (like me), but needed something more affordable than the higher priced models available and still had all the features. I was actually surprised with how many features the A7 has:

Stainless steel nozzle
Wide cleaning
Massage cleaning
Satisfying posterior cleaning
Soft feminine cleaning
Adjustable nozzle
Nozzle self-clean
Auto Wash
User controlled warm water
Animated Response LED Side Panel
User preset
Adjustable heated seat
Night Light
Intelligent body sensor
Splash guard
Slow closing seat/lid
Quick release for easy cleaning
Eco Mode
Silent Mode
Hide away hose crips

When the A7 AURA arrived I thought it would be an easy install. For the most part, it should have been. My house was built in 1969 and the toilets have been the same since the day it was built. What does that mean? Well, the A7 Aura has to have an elongated toilet. Our toilets were round. So, in order for it to work, the whole toilet had to be replaced. That was a more than $500 hit to my budget since I thought I would be able to install it myself. And, the lesson here is to be sure you know what type of toilet you have before ordering your bidet. The A7 AURA is currently only available in white for an elongated toilet bowl.

A7 Aura Bidet Toilet Seat REVIEW

Once the A7 AURA was installed, I was elated and couldn’t wait to try it out. Since I don’t have that much experience with bidets, I wasn’t sure if it would be easy to control or not. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the controls were pretty self-explanatory. The control panel lights up so that it’s easy to find in low-light places. There is a cool blue pulsing light that indicates when the cleaning cycle starts. You have the option to stop it at any time with the ‘stop’ button. A cleaning cycle will last approximately 60 seconds if uninterrupted. As indicated by the feature list above, there are several different types of settings.

The control panel is actually something you can’t see when you are sitting down very easily, but the buttons have a tactile dimple to them and after you’ve used the A7 AURA a few times, it’s easy to find the control you are looking for. The stainless steel nozzle will move back and forth automatically depending on what setting you are using. In addition to having different modes, you can also save user settings for two different users. For example, I can set it for CLEANSING and my fiancé could set it for BIDET, which is the feminine wash mode. It’s a really nice option for multiple users.

A7 Aura Bidet Toilet Seat REVIEW

I have been incredibly impressed with how well the A7 AURA has worked. I have indeed reduced my need for toilet paper and I feel much cleaner now than I did before using it. One of the things that sort of concerned me before ever using the A7 AURA was the temperature of the water. I was afraid that if it was cold water, I would just be uncomfortable. Fortunately, the A7 AURA not only has a water heater built into it, but it also has a heater built into the seat! It actually has four temperatures for the water Room temp-Low-Medium-High. 

Some people might think that I’m trading one eco-problem for another because I’m using more water now, but there is actually an ECO setting that activates a power saving mode where the seat and water are both set to LOW. That paired with the fact that the new toilet is actually a 1-gallon tank instead of the 3-gallon we had before actually makes for a more ecological bathroom all-around. Because this is a device that is used for human hygiene, it’s very important to keep it clean and the manual has some very specific instructions for cleaning the nozzle and the body of the toilet seat.

A7 Aura Bidet Toilet Seat REVIEW

I honestly can’t describe the joy I feel from actually being 100% clean in a place that sometimes isn’t. I would recommend this type of device for any household. It’s very easy to use and as long as you have the right type of toilet, it’s an easy installation for existing bathrooms. I believe it is an excellent investment for any home.

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