Apple has well and truly made its mark on the world. Steve Jobs would certainly be proud of his legacy. Apple, put simply, is humongous. Most people have owned an Apple product of some kind at some point in their lives. 

Apple devices usually look the part, but they also possess the power and functionality that producers of similar tech simply can’t match. On top of this, as a company, Apple has done an amazing job of wanting us all to own its latest laptop or its improved wireless speakers. The marketing and promotion of its products are second to none, which is why so many of us – alongside the distinct quality of Apple products – are desperate to jump on board and buy into Apple. 

It hasn’t been all plain sailing for Apple, though. In fact, to reach the steady heights it has done, the company had a number of failures along the way. To highlight Apple’s overall progress, we thought we’d remember some of the devices that Apple didn’t quite manage to get right. 

Apple Stand

The Apple Stand isn’t as old as some of the other products to come on this list, but for around $1000 to purchase one, it had to be included. Whether you’re trying to perfect your picture taking skills, watching a movie, or checking out the options around online gambling for Canadian players, no stand should be worth that amount of money. No stand will offer enough of an improvement to be worth that kind of money, either. It hasn’t gone down well with the community too, with many Apple endorsers enraged at the price of the product. It just looks like a computer stand. 

Apple Quicktake 200 Digital Camera

The Apple Quicktake 200 Digital Camera promised a lot, but in reality it was a complete disaster. Released in 2004, the camera deserves credit for being the first of its kind, allowing users to take pictures and then upload them to a computer instantly. At the time, that was the type of innovation not seen before. Sadly, though, for $749, it just wasn’t worth it. Especially when factoring in its lack of photo previews, poor zoom functionality, and its horrendous focus features, alongside its bad resolution. Overall, it has to go down as a device Apple didn’t get right. 

Macintosh TV

A computer which enabled you to watch television too, the Macintosh TV caused quite a stir when it was announced, but the reality was horrific. One of the worst products in Apple’s history, the 193 release was met with a number of complaints around its design. The TV was ugly, which isn’t something normally associated with Apple and its slickly designed, neat products. Ultimately, it never caught on and resulted in failure for Apple, which is why the Macintosh TV will live long in the memories of many Apple fans. 

 Apple Bandai Pippin

Apple clearly wanted to join the video game revolution with its 1996 release of the Apple Bandai Pippin, but it bombed spectacularly. It never stood a chance against the likes of PlayStation, N64, and Sega Saturn, especially when assessing its lack of games and the fact it cost much more than those other prominent gaming consoles. 

Apple III

The Apple II is rightly rated as one of Apple’s best ever products, but the follow-up to it went badly wrong after reports of it melting were coming in. Yes, that’s right, the computer’s chips would literally melt. Apple then strived to fix it, only resulting in the company having to spend over $50 million fixing sold Apple IIIs.