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DockCase Smart SSD Enclosure

The DockCase Smart SSD Enclosure is designed to provide safe, reliable protection for large amounts of data. It features Power Loss Protection (PLP), smart SSD health info detection, and dual-heat dissipation. PLP is built-in to reduce the risk of data loss when a drive is unexpectedly disconnected from power. It uses onboard supercapacitors to sustain power to the SSD long enough for data to be written to Flash memory. The main features of the DockCase enclosure are:

ACCELL Air InstantView USB-C Dock

Finding premium accessories to match your premium devices can be difficult in this accessory-saturated market. ACCELL has some great options for all types of users. The ACCELL Air InstantView USB-C 4K Dock is a great option for data transfer and display extension from tablets and desktop computers alike.