8mm gives a vintage look in real time recording.

I was introduced to video and video production at a young age. I learned how to edit tape-to-tape and run a 1-inch reel machine. These two skills are becoming a lost art. As a previously non-digital art, becomes more and more digital, there are more ways to effect video. When I was working in video post-production, I learned how to ‘fix it in post’ and color correct videos as well as put special video effects on video to make it have a specific feel or look. With the advancement of the digital video camera on the iPhone as well as the accessories for it (i.e. camera lenses), more filmmakers than ever before are turning to their iPhones as a second and sometimes even a primary camera for video shoots. The ‘fix it in post’ term still holds water, but there are many apps in the marketplace that are designed to shoot it with the effect included. 8mm is one of the apps.

8mm gives video a vintage look and feel in real time as you shoot it. When you start up the app, you are met with a screen that resembles an old 8mm handheld camera screen. It shows the video your iPhone camera sees in the filter you select. The choices for filter are: Sakura, 7OS, 1920, Siena, Tuscan, Indigo, Pela, 60s, Noir and XPro. Each filter has a different vintage feel.

The app is very easy to use and pretty self-explanatory. Once you select a filter, you point and shoot your video. That’s it. The video is then saved to ‘My Reels’ within the app. From there, you can Save to Camera Roll, Upload to YouTube or Upload to Facebook.

In addition to the video effect, you can also choose to mix your audio track with the sound of a video reel camera.

I am very impressed with this app. If you are a video enthusiast or are looking to spice up your video tricks, this would be a great app to add to your collection.