Provide superior protection for the iPhone.

5ive Heavy Duty iPhone Case Review 3I love my iPhone 6 plus. With that being said I’m a very clumsy person. I will drop my phone or whatever is in my hands at the worst possible times. That’s why I needed a phone case that was rugged, but still aesthetically pleasing. Enter 5ive’s heavy duty full body case.

I’ve tried several protective cases over the years that had amazing claims of protection. They just weren’t “BrianProof”. After just unboxing the case I could tell that this was going to be my everyday case. It’s a little heavy with the phone in it; weighing in at around almost a pound.

5ive Heavy Duty iPhone Case Review 4Installing the case was simple. There was no snapping it into place. You slap your phone in a thick rubber piece and sandwich it between two sturdy sides of metal and hold it all together with screws. As a red blooded American male this brought out a carnal pleasure reminiscent of working on your favorite car.

5ive Heavy Duty iPhone Case Review 5While it is larger than most cases, you still have full access to all of your external buttons with ease. There is a different toggle on the case for the vibration switch that actually made it easier to toggle than the phone by itself. Access to the charging port wasn’t a problem.  The only issue with the whole case is the access to the headphone jack, which does have a nice metal door. The rubber was a little thicker making it difficult for third party headphones.

I have dropped my phone several times in the week after installing the case and I still cringed a little after very drop, but found that I didn’t need to. My phone is safe.

Purchase yours here. 5ive® Shockproof case for iPhone 6 Plus