After downloading a new app or buying a computer or phone, you can read the instruction to understand how it operates or simply start using it. Of course, the second way is much easier, but you can do only some basic things there, for example, look for games via the Internet, watch movies or view Playamo casino. Yet, you don’t know how to do more advanced activities, and this article will help you solve this problem.

All in One Place

This advice is simple, but not everyone uses it. Keeping all your projects and documents in one place is a timesaver. In this case, you can use cloud storage. Lots of tech companies provide this tool for free. For example, you can use Google Drive or OneDrive by Microsoft. You’re provided a limited space, but it’s enough for lightweight programs. Yet, it is also possible to exceed this space for extra money. This service is inexpensive, but it will help you avoid losing essential files.

Easy Navigation 

You can use navigation shortcuts while using the Internet or search for content in your reading app or calendar. It is possible to open a new window by clicking on the CTRL+N combination. Press CTRL+Shift+W to close all tabs or CTRL+W to leave only the current one. If you have unwillingly closed one of the tabs, use the CTRL+Shift+T combination to open it again. Click on CTRL+Plus to zoom in or CTRL+Minus to zoom out. To return to the original view, click CTRL+0. Page up and Page down buttons will help you change pages. In this case, you can also use the space bar to page down and Space+Shift to page up.

Anonymous Searching 

This option is a solution for people who want to feel safe on the Internet. So, others won’t see what sites you have visited. Moreover, it helps you control Cookies and avoid slowing down the Internet speed. To start browsing anonymously, use CTRL+Shift+N (Chrome) or CTRL+Shift+P (Firefox and Internet Explorer).

Strong Passwords

With programs for creating strong passwords, you don’t need to create these combinations yourself or memorize them. You will increase your safety by applying them. Easy YouTube Navigation 

Watching YouTube videos will get easier if you use these keys:

  • Pause or start: K.
  • Jump forward 10 seconds: L.
  • Jump backwards 10 seconds: J.
  • Mute: M.

These tips are helpful for both work and leisure. With them, you can spend less time on routine activities and improve your Internet experience.