I recently found a most interesting little app called Wigglehop. Wigglehop, created by Plastic Trophy, was first released in October 2011 and is currently on version 1.3. The purpose of Wigglehop is to give users the ability to plan out movie experiences with their friends and families. In this, the social media age, we are all using outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about plans. Wigglehop narrows this concept down to simply dealing with movies.

When you first open the app, you are greeted by a screen that has a portion of a movie poster and the option to either type in your location or have location services find you where you sit. The app, like most movie listing apps, brings up a list of movie theaters near you. In our city we have five theaters within 30 miles and then another two theaters within 45 miles. Wigglehop actually listed theaters up to 60 miles away from my location.

Your first step is to choose a theater. Once you complete that step you are met with a list of currently playing movies. You select a movie and the times come up on the screen. You select the time you are interested in to form a ‘plan’. For those of you who already have multiple moviefone-type apps, this is all standard operating procedure. Here is where Wigglehop gets interesting.

Once you select the movie showing you are interesting in, Wigglehop gives you the option to send your friends an invitation via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS. This is the main feature of Wigglehop — the ability to share your movie plans…easily.

Another nice feature is while you are walking through the app and its steps, the movie showings you choose appear in the timing list when you look at other movie showings. For example, if I wanted to see Ghostrider at 10:45 a.m., I would select the ‘Plan’ flag next to the movie time. That would place the movie showing in the app’s memory. Then, I can go back and look at showings for Big Miracle. The showing I selected for Ghostrider appears in the timeline for Big Miracle.

Overall, Wigglehop is not a bad app. One of the planning features I enjoy with Facebook’s event and any eVite service is the ability to see the guest list and who is accepting. The biggest criticism I have for this app is that the share function is a little on the generic side. As a recipient of an invitation, I want the option to respond directly and easily to the sender.

All in all, it’s a nice app. It’s free. It’s easy to use and the design is very clean. I can recommend it to any frequent movie goer. Even if I don’t feel the sharing is up to par, the interface for simply finding movie showings is really nice. It’s available for iPhone and iPad.