Everyone is familiar with the superstore giant, Walmart. Founded in 1962 and incorporated in 1969, Walmart’s revenue for 2010 was over $419 billion. Consumers across the United States and Canada make weekly visits to the multi-billion dollar industry for their personal hygiene, entertainment, grocery and even medical needs.

In the year 2000, walmart.com launched, bringing Walmart customers online. Customers have the option of having products shipped directly to their home or shipped to a local store (ship to store) for pick-up. These easy shopping options for customers are also available on both Walmart’s iPhone and iPad apps.

Walmart’s iPhone app is currently on version 3.13 and just went through a major overhaul so that is better matches the newly released Walmart iPad app currently on version 1.0. Both platforms feature a clean interface and the ability to order easily. On the iPad, the app utilizes swiping screen-to-screen to view products. The search function makes it easy for users to find products quickly and the sidebar with Walmart’s department listing creates a simple browsing experience for the user. The app also allows users to log into their Walmart accounts to view shopping history and shopping preferences.

Since this is version 1.0 for the iPad, there are still a few kinks that need to be worked out. When I first started using the app, searching didn’t work correctly and the flaw made it seem like all of Walmart’s inventory was not available through the app.

The app makes it possible for users to select a ‘home’ store so that they can see whether or not an item is available in stock at their home store. The iPhone version has the added function of scanning QR codes and creating shopping lists. There is also a function on the home screen where users can view the “Value of the Day.”

Similar to the Walgreens app, Walmart also allows users to access their pharmacy prescription records and reorder prescriptions directly from the app.

Overall, I like the app — on both platforms. It brings the Walmart shopping convenience and price to the comfort of the palm of your hand. I like the prices Walmart offers, but usually dislike the shopping experience at Walmart. Many times its stores are overcrowded and there are never enough cashiers. That tied together with the added stress of finding a parking spot, make the shopping experience at Walmart less than desirable. So, these new apps from Walmart make it much easier to enjoy its low, low prices.