As the trend with many things in our world, casino enthusiasts have a virtual option to quench their gaming desires. Rather than be forced to drive to your nearest brick and mortar casino, people can play casino games from the comfort of their own homes. Not only that, but as time developed, access to online casino games has become easier, fees for withdrawing earnings have lowered, and the numbers of online casinos have drastically increased.

Historically, people played online casino games on their computer or laptop through their preferred browser. However, recently there has been a push to move online casino play from browsers to smartphone applications—a common trend across all websites and industries. The following are the 4 key reasons casino applications are growing and why it’s good for users.

People Spend More Time on Mobile

In 2020, 50% of website traffic all around the world came from mobile devices. This percentage has gradually increased for the past decade, and it comes as no surprise. There are more people with smartphones now than ever before. People use their smartphones virtually all day long. Many people have their work and personal emails on their phones as well as social media apps.  

All in all, people have their phones with them nearly all day long. Due to this, it makes sense for companies to create casino applications. The only problem for users is deciding which online casino is the best.

People are Accustomed to Mobile Interfaces

Today, kids are essentially raised with smartphones in their hands. And for almost all people in society, mobile phones have become an extension of our minds and bodies. As such, everyone is used to the layout and functionality of mobile applications. We know how to navigate our applications quickly, and the learning curve for newly downloaded applications is minimal.

Companies all around the world make smartphone applications, and in turn, users are influenced to do more on their phones. People may attend Zoom calls, trade stocks, trade cryptocurrency, stream videos, and plenty more all on their phones. It’s natural for someone to have 10, 20, 30, or even more applications on their phone.

If you asked someone why they had so many, they’d likely tell you that it’s much easier to use a mobile application than using a mobile browser. The user interface is simply more friendly and intuitive. Thanks to this trend and normality around apps, people prefer casino applications as well.


Another common trend for heavy smartphone users is the availability of Wi-Fi or high-speed internet, 5G, or 4G.

Today, Wi-Fi seems to be everywhere. You can get a free internet connection at a town’s visitors center, libraries, bars, cafes, and even places like McDonalds. Additionally, many cities have also begun offering free public Wi-Fi around central areas. Thus, when you’re walking around the streets or waiting for a bus, you can be on your phone using the city’s free Wi-Fi.

If you don’t have free Wi-Fi access, there’s a high chance you already have a strong internet connection. With the addition of 5G, and already fast 4G internet speeds, mobile phone users can do more on their devices. And as people have become more reliant on their phones for distractions, they likely are using their phones more.

While people wait to meet friends or for a train, they’re going to use their phone whether it’s to check their email, message a friend, or check out what’s happening on social media. And most likely, they’ll be checking an app.  

Improvement in Quality of Games

As technology advances, so does the world’s ability to make impressive software solutions. There are more mobile app developers and designers than ever before. Plus, people have begun placing huge importance on the user experience of smartphone applications.

There is an ever-increasing amount of research happening about what users like and don’t like. Where should a button be placed? How do people prefer to sign into their applications? The questions are endless.

In combination with this research, the hardware in phones has vastly improved over the past decade. Each year, there are new and improved chips with better battery life and better speeds.

Thanks to all this innovation and research, the quality of application-based games have vastly improved. The graphics are better, the speeds are quicker, and the visual aesthetic has improved.  

As most, if not all, casino apps are advanced, the only problem is choosing which application to use. Check out this guide to learn how to sift through the options and find the best app for you!

The Bottom Line

Thanks to more research and innovation, we have highly advanced technology which provides us with endless application options. What’s more, with the growing importance of smartphones, applications are being used more widely than ever before. Thanks to all this, mobile casino apps are meant for the users!