Darth Vader mask is the perfect addition to any Star Wars fan’s wall.

Not too long ago I decided to remodel my main office space. I’m a huge Star Wars fan and really wanted to incorporate Darth Vader into my decorating somehow. I had seen several different types of wall art that had the dark lord of the Sith featured, but nothing really ‘popped’ out to me until I found the Darth Vader Mask 3D Deco Light by 3D Light FX.

The 3D Deco Light is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a cordless, battery-operated mask that appears to break out of the wall. 3D Light FX actually has several different characters to choose from, but being that I like the Dark side of the force, I chose to go with Vader. I was very excited to find that it was battery operated because I had cord clutter and I feel as though cords would completely take away from the ‘break-out’ effect of the wall hanging.

3D Light FX Darth Vader Helmet 3D Deco Light REVIEW

The Darth Vader Mask arrived in a Star Wars branded retail box. 3D Light FX is the designer and creator of the 3D Deco Light, but they have officially licensed their products with Disney so that they can bear the Star Wars branding. The box shows the full mask from the front and has some simple directions listed on the back of the box. The mask requires 3-AA batteries that are not included. The mask does come with a cracked sticker to enhance the effect that the mask is breaking through the wall.

When I unboxed the mask, I found that everything I needed for installation. I was a little disappointed to find the cracked sticker was folded up so tightly. There were two very large creases in the backing for the sticker and that made it a little harder to work with. Something else that made the process a little complicated was that the instructions did not include any writing. The installation directions were just a series of images. Even though this is a pretty simple product installation, I still would have liked to have a little bit of wording included with the pictures.

3D Light FX Darth Vader Helmet 3D Deco Light REVIEW

So here is how the installation works. First, you select the spot on your wall where you want Lord Vader to watch over you. Then you carefully measure and make sure the sticker page is level. Once you have the place marked, you will start to peel the backing off of the sticker. This part of the process can get very frustrating because there are a lot of little pieces of sticker that can easily break. Be patient and give yourself breaks if you need to. It’s important to keep your cool during this process or the entire sticker could be messed up and unusable. Be sure to press the sticker firmly onto the wall as you peel the backing up. You may still see some crease on the sticker, but the mask will likely cover a lot of that.

The rest of the hanging is really quite simple. The sticker has guide holes on it for the screws to go into the wall. You simply drill holes into the wall, hammer the drywall anchors into the wall, and then screw the screws into the anchors. Then, you place the mask. You could alternatively choose to use something 3M adhesive strips to hang the mask if you don’t want to put holes in your walls. The back of the mask is flat so it will work with adhesive strips as long as you have strips that will hold its weight (approximately 2 pounds).

3D Light FX Darth Vader Helmet 3D Deco Light REVIEW

Once the mask is installed and hanging on your wall, you will have a wonderful Star Wars themed addition to your room. This is a great option for a gift. There are a lot of different options including Yoda, R2 D2, the Death Star, Boba Fett, a Stormtrooper, and C-3PO.

For more information, visit 3dlightfx.com/darth-vader-helmet.
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