360° Tablet Kickstand by Lynktec transforms your tablet.

While at CES I was given the 360° Tablet Kickstand to review. I enjoy gadgets that make using the iPad a different experience, but I wasn’t sure about this one as it uses microsuction Technology to stay on the iPad. My experiences with most microsuction technology is that the first time you stick it to a surface is the only time it really sticks. Each time you remove it, I’ve found it to become less and less useful. While Lynktec was demoing their 360º Tablet Kickstand for me, I asked about the issues I’ve had with microsuction before and was assured that this product would be different.

360° Tablet Kickstand Review

With that said, we are four weeks removed from CES and the 360° TABLET KICKSTAND is still working on my iPad Air 2. This is quite surprising to me as like I said above, I’ve never had luck with material that sticks to devices. The Kickstand works in 360 degrees, and allows for easy switching between portrait to landscape views. Because of its adjustable hinge, you have a wide range of viewing angles that makes using it a pleasure.

360° Tablet Kickstand Review

I happen to be one of those people who prefer to carry my iPad around with no case or cover. This makes the 360º Tablet Kickstand even more of a joy for me because I can have the same standing flexibility that most case users have – and I don’t have the case! The kickstand is sturdy enough – and the suction strong enough – to actually use the kickstand as a handle for some tasks I want to use the iPad for, too.

360° Tablet Kickstand Review

Installation was a breeze. Lynktec made it very easy and you simply have to line up the suction area with the Apple logo on the back of your iPad. You don’t have to measure or use some complicated stencil to accurately install the kickstand. And since it’s made to be uninstalled, I of course, tried that, too. I found that it was just as easy to peel away from the hull of the iPad and there was no residue left behind.

The 360º Tablet Kickstand is indeed a unique product and provides iPad users, like me, another way of viewing and interacting with the incredible Apple tablet. It is definitely an accessory worth checking out.

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