2020 has been a rough year. But the tech breakthroughs coming in 2021 are going to make the dark days seem far behind us. 

In the span of just a few months, we’re going to witness leaps in wireless electricity, the unveiling of stunning VR tech with the launch of Playstation 5 and XBOX Series X, and the advent of levitation technology.

That’s right. We’re not living in Star Trek just yet, but 2021 will be the first time you can grab some affordable levitating gadgets for your home or office. 

For those of us who love tech, levitation is going to be a game-changer. Not only is it the coolest new advancement, but being the first to have it will turn head in the office and at home. 

Are you ready to make an impression? The following levitating product is how to do it. 

Volta, The Levitating Lightbulb

The levitating lightbulb, Volta, is the first levitating gadget to merge multiple cutting-edge advances while remaining a practical tool (not just a gadget to show off once). 

And the best part? Volta clocks in at under $100—it’s the first functional levitation tech that anyone can afford.

Volta is our top pick for the coolest levitation gadget of 2021, and there are plenty of reasons why:

  • It really works (unlike most other levitating gimmicks)
  • Its real mahogany wood design looks amazing at home and at work
  • It features both levitation and wireless electricity tech
  • It’s under $100 (for a limited time)
  • If you order now, you’ll get it before 2021 

Go to floately.com and grab this light now while it’s still on sale. 

We just got ours, and we absolutely love it. Here are some of the biggest leaps in technology you’ll experience with Volta:

  • It’s powered by wireless electricity: Volta uses magnetic induction technology to send electricity through the air and power the floating bulb. Many products have attempted this and failed, but Volta managed to get it just right. The warm glow is strong and steady yet relaxing—perfect for our desks. 
  • It floats forever: Volta’s levitation is powered by electromagnets in its base and bulb. These magnets will work forever (as long as there’s an electrical source to power them). The strength of the levitation even allows you to manipulate the bulb as it floats in midair. Give it a spin and watch it rotate continuously as if in zero-gravity.
  • It’s a 20+ year LED bulb: Volta lasts for decades. It doesn’t contain standard filament but LED lights with a lifespan 50x that of normal bulbs. By the time this bulb dies, your car will probably be levitating too!
  • It’s practically unbreakable: Volta’s glass is reinforced to resist shock, cracks, and tumbles. And, it contains a failsafe magnet to prevent it from falling off the base even in the case of a power outage.  
  • It’s more than a gadget—it’s how we light our desks: Volta’s soft glow falls into the optimal lighting range to evoke clarity of mind and relieve stress. It’s not just an accessory we show off to guests and clients. We actually love working under this light.  

Volta is the only levitating tech of 2021 you’ll be able to grab for under $100. Similar products cost A LOT more. And Volta works just as well if not better. 

To top it off, you can get it before 2021 if you order before the launch sale ends (up to 2 months early!). If you wait, you’ll miss out on saving $50, and you won’t be the first to add real levitation and wireless electricity tech to your everyday life. Don’t miss out!

Check out some videos of Volta in action and get yours before they run out