Personal privacy and identity security are big concerns on the internet these days. Users are concerned with the strength of their passwords and how to remember different passwords for each account they have online. Luckily for us, the everyday internet user, there are apps available that assist with securing our online footprint. 1Password is such an app.

1Password is an identity manger that integrates directly with web browsers. It’s a very helpful tool for those users with multiple online accounts. It is an encrypted database that can be stored on Dropbox so that it’s available on any devices a user may have.

One of the features I like the best about this app is that it becomes a storehouse for software keys. There is nothing more aggravating then not being able to locate a registration key for a piece of software. 1Password has a Software Vault available for use. You can use it to catalog all your software licenses. Without this feature, I would have lost theability to reinstall software I’ve paid for.

Another 1Password feature I’m grateful for is its built in web browser that allows you to use 1Password to login to websites while using iOS.

Wallet Vault,  is meant for financial and personal information storage. 1Password uses this information to fill in fields online when doing any internet shopping.

The nice thing about 1Password is that because it uses the auto fill function, it bypasses the steps of typing your information in. 1Password have apps for iOS both iPhone, iPad, OSX,  Android and Windows. You can find out more by visiting  By downloading 1Password from agilebits you can get a 30 day free trial, You can also search the Mac app store for 1Password.

I’ve only outlined a few of the features of 1Password. I encourage anyone with more than one online account to give this piece of software a try.