1Password 4 is a power house for personal computing security.


Security is of vital importance during this information age we live in today. People are online for the specific purpose hacking into personal information. One of the best defenses we have against those predators are strong passwords. The problem I know I have is remembering them all. That’s why there are apps like 1Password.

We’ve reviewed 1Password before and spoken about how important it is. On October 3rd, 1Password 4 was released. I started writing this review when the awesome people at Agilebits released 1Password 4 to the public. I had my review of this amazing software within a few days, but decided to wait until I had a chance to test the software with OS X Mavericks, which was scheduled to be released later in October.


One of the major updates within OS X Mavericks is the addition of iCloud Keychain. This was something I wanted to test 1Password against. After the announcement of iCloud Keychain, we began fielding questions at MacSources about which service would be our preferred method of security. As much as we love Apple products and software, we also knew how well 1Password has worked in the past and could only imagine how the newest update of 1Password would work. That being said, I also didn’t have any real knowledge of Apple’s iCloud Keychain. We wanted to be sure and give our readers the best advice.

As you can imagine, if we found that iCloud was superior to 1Password, then this review’s name would have been ‘iCloud Keychain,’ but it’s not. Unfortunately, iCloud Keychain can’t hold a candle to what Agilebits has done with 1Password.

First of all, 1Password 4 brings us a menu bar utility. This allows users to copy to our clipboard and paste into apps or web browsers.

Sharing your vault is now also possible with Multiple and Shared Vaults. Your team, family or even clients can be done with ease.


Here is just a small sample of the improvements Agilebits has made in 1Password 4.

  • Completely redesigned interface
  • Multiple and shared vaults
  • All-new extension with Opera support
  • Shared items
  • 256-bit authenticated encryption
  • Wi-Fi sync
  • iCloud sync
  • Third-party app integration

1Password 4 has so many new details it’s hard to pin them all down. 1Password 4 was pushed out with love. The software is fantastic and we highly recommend it.

For existing customers from the Mac App Store and website customers who purchased in 2013, the upgrade is free. For new customers, the cost is $49.99 and can be purchased through the Mac App Store (link below) or through the Agilebits website. 1Password 4 is available for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows.

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