1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones stand above the rest.

In the last few years, I have ditched my corded earbuds for a wireless solution. It was a freedom that I craved. The first few Bluetooth headsets that I bought weren’t all that great, but it didn’t take long for them to improve battery life, volume, and sound quality. The problem was that I always had my trusty corded earbuds that came with my iPhone somewhere close for just in case. In the past year, I have been irritated with the sound quality with the new wireless headsets, so back to corded I went.

Apple’s earbuds that come with any iPhone or iPod will do great for most people. I was looking for a very high quality sound while still being simple and beautiful. From the moment I first glanced at 1More’s Triple Driver In-Ear headphone box, I knew they must be mine. I do judge some products by their packaging. Their marketing hooked me long enough for me to try their product, and try them I did. After I opened the box I grabbed the headphones and plugged them in. Wow. Every sound was crystal clear. I closed my eyes and felt like I was at a concert. I could hear highs, lows, and mid ranges on whatever I played. After a few songs, I pulled the headphones out and admired the beautiful design

1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone Review

The Triple Driver In-Ear headphones are simply beautiful and perfectly accentuated my iPhone. The slim plug profile made using the headphones with a variety of cases easy. The braided cord up to the split Black braided Kevlar, not just a plastic covering that will break within weeks. The splitter for the actual headphones is a black metal just like the jack. From the splitter the wires are just a simple black plastic. No worries with that, I have never had even cheap headphones break right there. Like most headphone these days, there are three inline buttons. Volume up and down and a play/pause button alone with a microphone for conversations. The earbuds themselves are beautiful. Gold and black covered metal that isn’t to heavy in the ear. The earbud is slightly offset making long term use comfortable. Included in the packaging are a total of nine different silicon tips for the ear buds. No matter the shape or size of ear you have you are covered comfortably.

1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone Review

At around $100, 1More has destroyed every other headphone set in or above their price range. I don’t see myself going back to wireless for a while.

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