1MORE provides a high-quality, comfortable Bluetooth listening experience, with the Triple Driver BT In-Ear Headphones.  Don’t worry about taking out a loan to get a quality pair of headphones.

With all of the available streaming services, speaker/headphone tech, there is no reason that we should not be able to enjoy our favorite television shows, movies, music, and audible books.  However, with sources like Walmart/Meier, BestBuy, and Amazon, it becomes hard to separate the quality headphones from the riffraff.  I have never been a true brand loyalist but lately, find myself trusting in a select few companies who have never let me down.  Our electronics stores provide top space for the same name brand companies, many of whom charge a premium for the name but only provide average tech.  I have reviewed multiple devices from 1MORE and have enjoyed them all.  The 1MORE Triple Driver BT In-Ear Headphones were no different. 

The earphones arrived in and attractive 8 5/8 inches tall by 7 inches wide by 2 3/16 inches thick retail package.  The cover provided an interesting grey on white yin/yang style image.  To the right, you can see the over neck module and an image of one of the ear tips.  To the left, I was pleased to find the 1MORE logo along the top, a Hi-Res Audio icon, the product title and a listed of product features along the bottom left.  The clean white surface provided a visually appealing contrast with the gray geometrical background and image of the earphones.   The packaging promised “1 Dynamic Drive +2 Balanced Armatures acoustic design, environmental noise cancellation, one-button voice assistant activation, Hi-Res LDAC lossless Bluetooth listening experience.”  The packaging was designed to open like a book, with a magnetic flap towards your right.  The top and bottom were not covered by the outer shell and displayed the internal grey coloration.  The box’s right side panel (opposite magnetic flap), was essentially devoid of information, save the Bluetooth icon.  I wish that the right side panel had a vertical, silver-colored 1MORE logo, similar to that seen on the cover.  Alas, the binding was too plain an bare.  

To learn more about the product, flip the packaging over and peruse the multi-lingual informational bullet points.  This information was directly duplicated from the information listed on the cover.  Beneath this, 1MORE provided some very useful product specifications: Charging time 1 hour, talk/music time 7 hours, impedance 32 ohms, wireless range 10m, Bluetooth version V4.2, Bluetooth Protocols HFP/A2DP/AVRCP, 42.5g weight, 5V/1A charging input.   I love the way that 1MORE packages their devices and have kept many of them to display on my bookshelves.  To access the product, you will first need to cut through the outer thin plastic wrap, lift the magnetic flap (left side of the box) towards your right side and then open the cover.  With similar 1MORE fanfare, the inner flap of the box was adorned with what I like to call techfitti, a portmanteau of tech and graffiti.  The ink outline drawings tend to be one of my favorite aspects of the 1MORE product packaging, channeling a Leonardo Da Vinci-esque style.

If you divert your gaze towards the right, you will see the 1MORE around-the-neck earphones resting on an eggshell colored cardboard tray.  The outer plastic cover was easily removed by lifting upward on the upper pull tab.  When I removed the upper earphone tray, I found another lower tray containing three compartments.  I love the attention to detail, the clean presentation and the use of smaller packages to display their gear.  1MORE has a knack for inspiring the organizational nerd inside of me, and I love their book-like packaging.  My wife does not understand why I like to keep these packages, but I struggle with throwing them away.  The external appearance, the device, the internal art, the layout, and the accessories form a cohesive unit that feels like a full set.  If you have ever lost a laser blaster or other accessory from your favorite action figure, you may know the feeling to which I describe.  The packaging is thus not meant to be cut away and discarded, because it provides part of the character of the 1MORE experience. 

1MORE Packaging
In the lower tray, you will find three compartments.  The upper left 3 1/8 inches wide by 4 inches tall compartment contained a box with an image of a drawstring bag.  Within the box, you will find a 6 inches wide by 8 inches tall black shiny drawstring bag with 1MORE in silver/grey across the front. Along the back of the nylon bag, you will find a roughly 1 inch tall white/black bear logo.  The headphones fit nicely into the pouch, and the drawstrings easily kept the contents on the inside of the bag.  Beneath this compartment, I found a 2 3/4 inches wide by 2 5/8 inches tall six-panel 1MORE product advertisement pamphlet, a 1MORE bear sticker and the multi-lingual instruction manual (more on the manual below).   Just beneath the upper compartment, the lower left 3 1/8 inches square compartment had a nested set of boxes, with an internal 2 1/4 inches wide by 1 1/8 inches tall internal box.  This compartment had a power cord icon and contained the flat 14 3/8 inches long USB-A to USB-C charging cable.  Yes, you heard that correctly, 1MORE included USB-C charging capabilities with this device.  I was pleased with the length of the cable and with the choice to use a flat cable instead of a rounded one.  I would have liked a 1MORE cable wrap, twist tie, velcro strap or something to keep the cable contained.  The carry bag will easily accommodate the earphones, charging cable and perhaps a small spare battery or charging brick if needed.  I would have a liked an internal compartment for these accessories, but the absence did not detract from my overall feeling.  

The final and the most visually appealing of the compartments took up most of the outermost section of the lower tray.  The tall rectangular compartment measured 7 7/16 inches tall by 2 3/8 inches wide and contained eight additional pairs of earphone tips (14.5mm, 13mm, 12 mm, 11mm, 10mm as well as 11mm, 13mm, and 14.5mm foam ear tips).  I tried each of the tips and found that the 12mm tips fit my ear canals the best.  The pre-installed 13mm tips fit nicely but did not seem to seat as well into my ear canal as the 12mm tips.  I did not like the foam tips, but know many who would think me crazy for choosing silicone over the foam.  However, a comfortable ear feel is one of the most important aspects of in-ear systems, and the inclusion of so many options shows the 1MORE customer centric drive.

Once you have removed all of the components and found the best ear tip size for your ear-canals, I recommend you evaluate the earphones and peruse the multi-lingual instruction manual.  The flexible around-the-neck style earphones measured 16 inches long and had two silver 2 1/4 inches long end caps with red accents.  In between the left/right end cap, I found a comfortable, flexible, black 12 1/2 inches long neck-band. Near each end of the black neckband, you will find an 8 3/4 inches long thin rounded cable connecting to the attractive chrome/grey earpiece.  The cable does not extend from the device at a ninety-degree angle.  Rather, there was a junctional section present to reduce the strain on the cables.  The cable on the left side of the earphones had a white 1MORE sticker flag with a QR code linking to the 1MORE website and product labels.  The controller for the Bluetooth remove was located on the left end cap.  The top had a 3/8 inches long power button and the internal face displayed a small 1/8 inch diameter white circle with L in the negative space, a 3/4 inches long “-“ and “+” oval-shaped button and a 1/4 inch diameter play/pause button.  There is an LED indicator along the top of the controller and a microphone between the “+” and the play/pause button.  The USB-C charging port was cleverly hidden at the very end of the left controller.  

Setup and connection proved to be incredibly easy.  I first charged the earphones and waiting for the red LED to extinguish (~1 hour).  You can then hold the power button on the top of the left controller.  If you hold the button for 2 seconds, you will hear a nostalgia-inducing, techno style “1MORE,” reminiscent of Mr. Roboto and many of the 1980’s techno themes.  If you hold the same button for a total of 4 seconds, a female voice will alert “pairing, battery high.”   I navigated to settings, Bluetooth and chose “1MORE Triple Driver BT from the list.”  Once this was chosen, I heard “connected.”  To turn off the device, hold the button for roughly four seconds, and you will hear “power off.”  The button layout was one of the best I have used so far.  The oval-shaped plus/minus button only controlled sound, and the circular play/pause button became the multifunction button controlling nearly everything else.  Increasing/decreasing the volume was very responsive, controlling the volume of my iPhone X or my iPad Pro 10.5” devices.  I did not test the device with an Android phone/tablet, but the manual stated that there might be issues with Android devices.  On my iPhone X, I could play/pause a song with a single press of the MFB button; I could advance tracks by double pressing the button or navigate to the previous track by triple pressing the button.  During a call, you can single press to call/hang-up or long press the button to decline a call.   Interestingly, there was no voice assistant control with this pair of headphones.  I do not have an opinion on the absence of Siri integration, but noted it was odd that the feature was not present.  

1MORE Triple BT Around NeckThe device promised a seven-hour life with a single hour of charging via USB -C power (5V/1A).   While perusing the website, it said that the device can charge via USB-C fast charge and could provide 3 hours of use with a ten-minute charge. I used the device over the past 1.5 weeks and found that I could use the device reliably for 6.5 hours.  After about 3 hours the device will alert “battery medium” and then when low, “battery low.”  Charging was quite easy, simply plug the included USB-C into the device and the USB-A end into a wall charger.  After about 1 hour the red LED on the top of the left controller will extinguish.  You can listen while charging if desired, but the cable was too short to make that comfortable.  These earphones are not ideal for lying on a pillow because the earpiece extends beyond your ear.  Do not misunderstand my statement, the earphones were comfortable, and the experience was amazing, but there are flatter earpieces if you desire a pair of earphones/headphones for pillow/side-lying utility. 

Now that we have talked about the packaging, the look, the feel, the quality and the overall character of the 1MORE experience, we progress to the sound section of the earphone review.  I was incredibly pleased with the included environmental noise canceling technology.  Once you have a good seal with your ear canal, the device performed admirably. The Triple Driver kit has an included microphone array which does an amazing job at filtering out background noises.  It is quite difficult to describe this feature, but I will describe an example.  I was unable to hear the road noise of a local interstate while sitting in my wife’s mini-van, window down, car idling, listening to Charlie Puth “Marvin Gaye (feat. Meghan Trainor). Even paused, the earphones cut background noise by approximately 80%.  When I added music, the background noises became imperceptible.  As a second test, I was unable to hear my children fighting on a local road trip.  That feature alone should be one of the deciding factors for most of the parents of there to add these to your shopping cart. 

1MORE Triple Driver BT controllerMany of us want audiophile sound but cannot afford more than economy earphones.  This may be the first device that I felt provided high-end sound at an affordable cost.  The triple Driver technology combined with Bluetooth AAC LDAC hi-res transmission technology provided a deeper experience than I have previously enjoyed.  The website discussed lossless, audiophile-grade sound with the convenience of Bluetooth.  It is a common finding to have a significant sound degradation when moving from corded to cordless listening devices.  The technology inside of the device (LDAC) allows data to transfer at roughly three times the normal speed (990 kbps) of Bluetooth.  Turning to audiocheck.net, (Low-Frequency Response and Subwoofer Audio Test (10-200 Hz)) I found the bass to extend to the lower range of human hearing at 20Hz.  The lower range tends to show more of the capabilities of the device whereas the upper range depends more upon the hearing of the individual.  I was able to hear sounds at 15kHz, which was on par with my age and level of hearing.  The low sounds were full, and the upper sounds were crisp (High-Frequency Response and Hearing Audio Test (22-8 kHz)).  The Left/Right Stereo Audio Test showed that the channels were programmed correctly, and the earphones appeared to have good staging with the (Stereo Perception and Sound Localization test Original Binaural Recording).  With these tests completed, I turned to my typical earphone evaluation tracks.  Starting with Holly Cole “Train Song,” I was pleased with the rhythmic percussive feel of the stand-up bass line.  For additional evaluation of the deep bass sounds, I used Jokers Theme “Why So Serious” from the Dark Knight Rises, the opening scene from Star Wars Episode II Attack of the clones and selections from Gladiator.  

To these the upper sounds, I like to use instrumental soundtracks such as Far and Away, Braveheart, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, John Phillips Sousa Marches and multiple selections from John Williams.  Having grown up playing Euphonium and Trombone in wind ensembles, I developed a love for instrumental music.  The earphones were clear, crisp and vibrant.  I found the perfect enjoyable volume range to be roughly 6-8 clicks on my iPhone X and iPad Pro.  When I increased the volume, there was more sound, but it never got harsh, tinny or out of balance.  I loved the sound staging of the earphones and used Yosi Horikawa “Bubbles” and “Wandering” as well as Michael Jackson “Thriller” and Depeche Mode “People are People.”  Once I was done with the testing, I watched movies on Movies Anywhere, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube.  I found the standard YouTube audio/video sync was out of place, which seems to be a chronic problem but the remainder of the movie sources provided synced audio/visuals.  The earphones were comfortable and caused no canal fatigue with prolonged listening.  I was pleased with the overall device, with the sound, and with the feel.  For the price, I do not know that you will find a better pair of around-the-neck Bluetooth earphones. 

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