Surprisingly Comfortable with the added benefit of above average sound. 1More really provides good products.

I have had the pleasure of reviewing multiple offerings from the company 1More, and I have to say that I am truly impressed with their products.  Each of their devices seems to offer quality with comfort, whether wearing the 1More circum-aural (over-the-ear) Headphones or 1More Multi-Driver In-Ear Headphones.  So far, I have absolutely loved the products.  There are a few differences in the types of headphones, namely over-the-ear, on-ear (supra-aural), in-ear styles (intra-aural).  When it comes to in-ear systems, you have a single flange, dual-flange or triple-flange tip settings, which each have some benefits.  I have typically been less of a fan of the earbud style headphones, that rest just at the opening to the ear.  I do like the in-ear style but have some issues with the style.  Specifically, during activity, chewing/yawning/head movement they try to pull out of my ear.  Many of the devices I have tested have a controller box near the right ear piece that pulls downward and removes the in-ear tip.  Also, I have found that with many of the in-ear style headphone sets, there is some fatigue/tenderness along the ear canal with a usage of much longer than about 20-30 minutes.  I have received the 1More iBFree in-ear headphones to review.

Initial Impression:
The 1More company has again done very well with their packaging and marketing appeal. The box has a sterile white cover, displaying the headphones in full color.  The bottom of the box is a lime green color that contrasts very nicely with the white box and appears very similar to the metallic backing of the headphones.  Removing the lid from the box, you will see a form-fitted cardboard cut-out upper section. This section displays the lime green back of each of the headphones and the controller very nicely.  You can see the black on the green coloration of the headphones, with a stark contrast to the white backing.  They do a good job with color, contrast to display their products very well.

Below the  headphone section is a cardboard rectangle containing the accessories.  Within this box are 2 sealed semi-transparent plastic bags.  The first bag has 2 extra small and large silicone earbud tips.  The second bag has four silicone wings, which are designed to rest inside the ear to keep the earphones in the ear canal.  The final accessory is the 14 1/2” USB A to USB micro charging cable.  The tips that came attached to the device are comfortable and fit my ears well.  I appreciate that the company included the accessories as this will increase the number of people who benefit from the headphones.  If you remove the headphones and the accessory box, you will find the instruction manual.

Instruction Manual:
The manual is a 2 13/16” white square.  The first 16 pages are written in English and the remainder of the book is in additional languages:  I suspect Spanish, french, german, and two foreign character languages suspected to be both Chinese and Japanese. The first four pages have really useful diagrams displaying how to turn on/off, how to charge, how to change the ear tips and how to properly position the earbuds in the ears.  When you press the power button, on the in-line controller, for 3 seconds the device will turn on, a blue LED will flash.  If you hold the same button for ~4-5 seconds it will turn off, a red light will flash and the device will turn off. The device should pair automatically when turned on (red/blue LED flashing). The manual notes there should be a red light with charging and this should turn off when charged.  The manual promises full charge within about 2 hours and can support an 115-minutequick charge, which should give you 1 hour of playback.  There are 3 buttons on the in line controller, volume up, power/multi-function button, volume down.  The multi-function button has different functions in different modes.  In call mode, you can answer/end call, decline call (hold button), redial previous number (press button x2).  While in music mode you can increase/decrease volume with short presses of the volume buttons, you can advance Next/Previous by holding the button and play/pause with the multi-function button. The device supports IOS battery widget, multi-device connection (I never use this feature).  Finally the manual details the Limited Warranty, a toxic substances chart.  It is important to note that there is some lead in the battery, the charging cable and within part of the headphone but this meets European standards.  there does not appear to be any other toxic substances.  There is no listed battery size (mAh).  There is no promised/suggested length of use.  If you can get 1 hour of playback with 15 minutes of charge, I suspect 1 hour of charge=4 hours of playback and a total of around 8 hours playback. We shall see.

The Device:
The headphones are easily removed from the packaging.  Holding the power button on the in-line control will turn the device on.  You will be greeted with a robotic “One More” recording very similar to the “Mr. Roboto” opening. You will then hear “Pairing, Battery High.”  Navigate into settings on your phone, then bluetooth, you will see “1MORE iBFree.”  Select this and you will be informed that the device is connected.  Place the ear tips into your ears.  Note that these are  modified single flange ear style earbud.  What this means is a single piece of silicone goes into your ear canal.  It does have a piece of plastic that sits into the ear cavity (not canal) which does help to improve seal.  It is not truly a dual flange system, but works similarly by blocking the ambient sounds.  There are small semicircular pieces that wedge into the ear lobe that act to help to hold the pads in place.  They are soft silicone and really do add to the function of the device.  The headphones weigh 0.5 ounces.

The headphones are bluetooth and I would suspect 4.1, but this is not detailed in the manual. The range seems standard 30 feet.  The reception seems quite good without hearing any high pitched whining or popping/cracking.  I typically test all of my headsets with the same regimen of songs/tests.  I first go to and navigate to the Audiotests. My favorite tests are the blind tests and the stereo tests. There is a test under Audio Tests, Stereo Perception and Sound Localization “The Real Thing” that is an original binaural recording.  You will think that knocking is coming from behind you. Seriously, try this out and try not to turn around.  I made the mistake of testing this after watching The Purge: Election year.  “Yup, I turned.”

To test the bass, I listen to “Why So Serious” The Joker Theme From Dark Knight Rises and to the opening of Star Wars Attack of the clones.  As the main ship enters into the planet, just after the opening sequence, there is some amazing sub-bass and this is also true in the above Joker Theme from 3-4 minutes.  Poor speakers will have very little sound from 3:20 to 4:00 but a good set of speakers will have you impressed.  To test the stereo nature further, I love to listen to “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.  Finally, I test the power of the headphones by listening to Far and Away Soundtrack, Gladiator Soundtrack, and Braveheart Soundtrack.  I love instrumental sound and these speakers do have some good sound, although a little on the quiet side.

After about 2 hours of testing, I turned them off and then back on.  You will again here the same robotic intro, but you will hear “Pairing, Battery Medium.”  It paired quickly and effortlessly. I listened to an audible book for about 2 more hours (total of 4) and then went to sleep for the night leaving them in standby.  It appeared that I had another 25% on my battery widget on my phone.  After about another 2 hours of audible, the red LED flashed and I charged the device.  After 2 hours (as the manual stated), I was back at full power and ready to listen again for another 6-8 hours.

I test all of my headphones with the same spectrum of sounds.  I want to make sure the bass is strong and supportive and make sure that the treble is not tinny, but full.  I added a few additional songs to test these headphones “Long Black Train” by Josh Turner, “Fort The Longest Time” Billy Joel, Eagles “Hotel California,” and one of my favorite songs “Paradise by Dashboard Light” by Meatloaf.   These are some of the more comfortable earbuds that I have experienced. The inline control module is not too heavy and does not really pull on the ear that much.  The packaging is eye catching and you do get a quality set of speakers.  They are comfortable, sound quality appears to be above average.  Honestly, just like most of the 1More products I have tested, the sound matches the build quality. The lacking piece of all of this type of headsets is the phone call feature.  Even the microphone is on the backside of the control module, you still have enhanced background noises and it sounds muffled.  My wife hates when I use these to talk to her on the phone.  So far, I really have not found that perfect set for use with phone calls.  I always select phone on my iPhone 6S plus when an incoming call is present.  Judging these on quality/form function I would say that they are a 4.5/5 stars.  I like that the cord is not too long to get caught on clothing, and that there is a slider to help to reduce the length of cord that flops as you move.  The slider clip, the extra baggies with accessories really show that the company is thinking of the consumer.   If you are on the fence about a set of earphones, consider trying these.  I honestly think the 1More wired headphones have an edge on quality of sound, but just slightly.  These are a close second and work well as a wireless option.

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