What do you get for the Apple Fan in your life?  How about a pair of active noise cancelling in-ear style earphones from 1MORE.

As an Apple fan, I have had to learn to deal with numerous dongles.  Truthfully, it can be a challenge to find the right dongle for the right function.  All too often, I can find my lighting to double lightning connector or my lighting to HDMI connector, but I may have to search a little longer to find the 3.5mm jack to lightning adaptor.  It is now common knowledge that Apple did away with the 3.5mm jack post-iPhone 7/7 plus.  Initially, I thought that this was going to be a detriment and a deal breaker.  However, I have really not missed it, thanks to the included 3.5mm to Lightning adapter.  One of my favorite activities is listening to audible books.  Whether I am working out at the gym, commuting to and from work or vacation driving, I really enjoy a good book.  With the death of the 3.5mm input, we were left with a few options: first, use a Bluetooth headset, second use the lighting to 3.5mm dongle or use the speakers on your device.  In various circumstances, one or more of these options may not be ideal.  There are so many options for earphones/headphones; most of the devices are designed for general use on multiple phones, tablets, etc.  Truly some of the headsets are fantastic and unique, but most can be used on any device that you choose.  1More chose to make a stand, backing the Apple corner.  Instead of hoping that their customer had an adaptor, 1More decided to create an Apple specific brand of headphones. They are amazing!

1MORE ANC LTNG earphone
The 1More Dual Driver Lightning active noise canceling in-ear headphones arrived in a fancy high-end package, reminiscent of a hardbacked book.  The packaging is just as beautiful as the headphones, making it a perfect gift for the Apple lover in your family.  The outer slipcover is constructed of thick cardboard and has a very lifelike, image on the cover.  You can clearly see the beautiful earpieces, the in-line controller, and the lightning specific port.  This device is not meant for Android devices, instead opting for an Apple specific experience. The 2017 design award-winning device promises a high definition listening experience and the quality of the packaging directly supports the promise.  Second, to the Apple EarPods, I would hope that every Apple fan learns of this company and this device.

This particular headset is MFI certified (Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad) and is built specifically to enhance our favorite iOS devices.  Weighing at 0.9 ounces, the 1MORE in-ear earphones were designed for comfort and quality.  The ANC feature is simply amazing, utilizing a microphone to capture outside sounds and to create an opposing sound in your ears that cancels out the outside sounds.  You can clearly hear the difference between the sounds with and without the ANC.  I love that you do not just hear a buzzing noise and that the earphones are not overly heavy.  The cable is 37 inches from the lightning adaptor to the in-line controller and then another 15 inches from the controller to the end of the earpiece.  The kit conveniently includes a total of 3 sizes of ear tips: 10.5mm, 12.5mm 15.5mm ear tips, and 4 different ear-securing flanges: 23mm, 21.5mm, 19.5mm, and 18mm.   Lastly, the company includes a silver lapel clip and a black leather carry box, with magnetic closure.  The carry box is very secure and follows the same attention to quality that 1MORE uses in its products and packaging.  The sound is good with strong bass and good full sound.  Many reviews that I read, prior to obtaining the 1MORE ANC LTNG, compared the 1MORE headset to the Bose Quiet Comfort 20.  At roughly $100 dollars less, you get good sound, quality packaging, a quality carrying case, extra tips/ear stays and an app that will allow you to burn in the headphones.  It will take about 12 hours, but some audiophiles may absolutely love this feature.

What more could you want this Holiday season than the option to listen to Holiday Classics with an amazing pair of earphones?  Perfect for every ear, choose the right ear tip and ear stay for that perfect listening experience.  This holiday season, think about that Apple user in your life and consider the 1MORE Dual Driver ANC headphones for that special gift.

You can learn more about the 1MORE headphones and purchase them through the 1MORE website.
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