1byone Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb – an elegant app to control lighting and music

I recently reviewed a smart LED bluetooth lightbulb by ieGeek. Since that time, I have enjoyed having it at my desk in my architect lamp. I often play music through it from my iPhone when I want some lighting and don’t want to tie up the audio on my Mac for one reason or another. When 1byone offered to let MacSources review their smart LED bulb, I was open, but assumed that one of these devices would be just as good as the other.

1byone Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb Review 1byone Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb Review

I really could not have been more mistaken. While the two bulbs are similar in design and their abilities, I really prefer the 1byone smart bulb. The color and audio quart are about the same compared to the ieGeek bulb, but the stand out feature of the 1byone’s smart bulb is the design and ease of use of the companion app CHSmartBulb. Pairing the bulb only took two seconds using the app and the ease of use of their color wheel makes setting mood lighting trivial. Another neat feature is that the LED lighting and audio functions of the bulb are controlled separately. For example, I can output the audio from my iPad or Mac to the bulb, while still controlling the LED lighting from my iPhone. While this isn’t strictly necessary, I believe it shows that the designers were really thinking about different use scenarios.

1byone Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb Review 1byone Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb Review

The app also offers the ability to easily rename the bulb(s) in the app for easy identification. You can also turn all of the bulbs on and off and the app even provided a handy timer for turning the lights off at a certain time. All in all this smart bulb from 1byone sets their hardware apart from their competitors by getting the software piece right. It looks like there is a new smart LED bulb that will be taking up permanent residence on my desk.

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