Great must have apps for your iOS devices.

Every time I get a new computer or iOS device, there is a specific list of apps that I have as ‘must installs’. These are apps that I use on a daily basis and wouldn’t be able to function without. Because I find them useful, I thought others might, too. And so, here is my list of Top 12 Apps for iOS devices.

Please share your favorite apps in the comments below.


There are a lot of password managers out there, but none are as good as 1Password. It helps you stay organized and keeps your information secure by storing your most important passwords inside a vault on your computer or iOS device. A couple of very nice features include Apple Watch support and Touch ID support.


Pixelmator – iPad Air 2


Pixelmator is a very powerful, yet easy to use app for iOS (and Mac) that allows for full photo editing on your mobile devices. You can touch-up and enhance images, sketch and paint, and create complex image compositions on iPad and iPhone alike. This is a very useful app and it rivals Photoshop in terms of editing capabilities.


Tweetbot is a full-featured Twitter client for iOS. It’s fast, has a beautiful interface and helps you keep your Twitter feeds organized. I switched over to using Tweetbot some time ago because I feel like it’s what Twitter should have been all along.


Deliveries is a great little app that helps you keep track of any packages you have being delivered to your home. I use this app on a daily basis because it keeps me organized and makes planning very easy. You know to expect deliveries and when you should stay home to receive them. I get notifications when shipment have been updated and it’s a great app for anyone who receives packages.


News360 – iPhone 6


This has become one of my favorite news viewing apps. News360 is a personalized news reader for iOS users. The app learns your news preferences based off of the stories and topics you select. It’s a very clean interface and it makes it easy to go through the day’s news.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is an easy file management system based off of what you scan using your iOS camera. Essentially, Scanner Pro turns your phone or tablet into portable scanners. You can scan receipts, whiteboards, paper notes, or any multi-page document and save them in your iOS device for later use.


TeeVee is an impressive TV show manager for your iPad and iPhone. It will show you all the important information about your show, when it’s next airing is and your viewing history. It’s very easy to set-up and has a beautiful interface.


Chronicle – Apple Watch


Chronicle is an easy to use, efficient bill manager for iPhone and iPad. It also has support for Apple Watch and includes iCloud sync. Chronicle gives you an overview of your bills, their amounts, and their due dates. This app is set-up so that you never miss a due date on a bill. I’ve been using this for quite some time and it has really kept me organized.


TunnelBear is a great app to keep with you at all times. It creates a ‘tunnel’ for you to browse the internet securely and privately while you are on public WiFi. TunnelBear is a free to download app and gives you 500MB of free data each month with larger data plans available for subscription-based fees. It can be very risky to browse on the internet in public areas because it leaves you vulnerable to hackers who are trying to break into your system. TunnelBear makes it safe for you to use public WiFi.

Fantastical is an awesome calendar app that works on Mac, iOS devices and the Apple Watch. It uses native language to create calendar events and notifications. Fantastical also has an awesome Today widget and it makes it easy to see what’s coming up next in my calendar.


MacID – iPhone Notification

Mac ID

MacID allows you to add an extra layer of security to logging into your Mac. It works with your iPhone and Apple Watch to unlock your Mac using just your fingerprint, passcode or wrist. The technology works through Bluetooth connectivity and you receive various notifications when someone tries to log into your computer. I love this app because my main computer is in a front room of our house and I like knowing that guests can’t just start using my computer.


Like TeeVee, TodoMovies is a list manager for movies. You can mark ones that you want to watch, have watched and discover new movies. The app features beautiful posters and some unique options like bonus scene indicators. It’s been a lot of fun having this app and has made me aware of a lot of films I am eager to see.