First off lets start with some one I have already wrote a post about. I feel that there service is well worth me adding them to this list. Here is a websites that will allow you to leave your self a voice note if your cell phone does not have the ability to do voice recording. With there website you can make an account that you can call from your phone leave a voice memo and then later retrieve it from your e-mail or phone. Don’t for get to check out the great service at

Next we will get into an e-mail service that allows you to receive e-mails for 10 or 20 minutes only. What does that mean you may ask! It’s a e-mail service that allows you to use an address they create for 10 or 20 minutes to sign up for a forum or comment are anything else online you don’t wish to leave your real e-mail address incase of spam. Visit

Flytunes is a great service if your an iphone user. Here you can load there website and play online radio stream it to your cell phone any where. Don’t miss out visit

This next website is nice if your needing to make some money, you can use this site for anything from vet bills to snowboarding trips. It gives you away to list your fundraiser for free. visit

Next on my list is very nice, have you ever needed to send a fax to some one and its past the hours at your local Kinkos. Maybe its your bank or insurance company and they need your paperwork now. Now you can if you have a scanner and the internet then send that fax for free with

This one has been a life saver for my self, do you bookmark allot of websites, but use multiple web browsers or computers. This website is for you better then Google bookmark  Sitejot gives you a great way to keep track of all your favorite websites. check out

Do you use instant-messenger and own an iPhone? if so I know you must hate not being able to use AIM YAHOO MSN and the rest of the messenger clients. Well it’s your lucky day because with this website your instant-messaging is back check out

Here is one I love ever need to call someone but you don’t want your phone number to show up for what ever reason? Here is a great way to make that call with out ever showing our real phone number try

Do you own some photos an e-book or some software you would like to sell off your website but don’t want to mess with the shopping cart set up with some third party company well here is a website that allows you to make it a bit easier on you.

And last but not least  A patent-pending technology that delivers your e-mail from any e-mail account or service, personal or business, POP, webmail or Exchange, directly to your cell phone regardless of your wireless carrier or mobile handset. visit