AnyAfter takes the guess work out of hidden scenes.

I am an avid movie goer and I really look forward to seeing cut scenes at the end of them. Sometimes you get a preview of what’s to come in the next release or it’s just a fun extra look at the characters or story from the film. The very first cut scene I remember is from the 1988 film, Masters of the Universe. It’s become a trend lately in filmmaking – especially with blockbusters. It’s something many move patrons come to expect. So, how do you know when to stay and wait to see if the movie has a cut scene? Some people spend time searching the Internet for the answer and others just wait through the credits no matter what, but now there is also an app to help with.

AnyAfter-1AnyAfter is a quick, easy to use app for iOS that informs you if there is a scene after the credits in a movie. Users can vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for a movie title to let other users know if there is a cut scene at the end of the film. AnyAfter is currently on version 1.0 and developed by Fused Software, LLC.

I really like this app because of its simplicity. When you open the app, you are presented with a default list of current Top Box Office hits. The list consists of the title of the film, a movie poster, a brief description of the movie, release date, MPAA rating and a check mark that indicates whether or not there is a hidden scene after the credits. From here, you can swipe to the right to vote on whether or not there is a hidden scene. You can also vote on the hidden scene by tapping on the screen where the movie poster is and a larger voting screen will appear.

AnyAfter-2In addition to the default list, users can search for movies using the search function. You can search for any movie. I did a search for Ironman and was given a long list of search results. The first two results were Ironman and Ironman 2. The other results in the list did not appear to have a direct connection to the character Ironman, but I was impressed by how extensive the AnyAfter database was.

AnyAfter also includes a refresh function. To activate it, a user simply needs to pull down on the screen. Going along with the simplicity theme, the settings are very straightforward. A user only has two options in the settings menu – color theme and push notifications. The color themes are designed to be easy on the eyes and non-distracting if used in a movie theater. The push notification updates the user when the box office listing updates on a weekly basis.

I recommend this app to any moviegoer. For one thing, you can help broadcast to the world where the cut scenes are and for another, it’s a great tool to use for movie fans.

AnyAfter is available for download from the iTunes App Store for free. For more information on the app, visit the app’s website at

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